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    count me in. I first started with a copy of Rhapsody I managed to get my hands on about 3 years ago.... soon afterwards, I got Disgaea and Phantom Brave for Christmas and found La Pucelle a couple days afterwards. Also, I'm a sucker for pre-order promotions (especially if the item is media, like Zelda Master Quest or a soundtrack ^^), so as you can guess, I've been pre-ordering most of their (PS2) games as far back as Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana (though, that's technically not NIS, it's still NISA).

    I really need to get an import PS2 at some point (sadly, I've never imported a game in my life ^^'), because then, I could play Little Princess, Angel's Present, and the previous Atelier games once I've managed to track down copies of them.