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Originally Posted by CycloneGU View Post
BTW, by repercussion I mean a negative consequence.
Do... you understand the meaning of irony?

Originally Posted by SSJboku View Post
UUUGGGHHHH.....i'm stuck Flamerny city, don't know where to go.....gym is blocked and I can't get into the cave MT. Volcano because some guy says that only some trainers are allowed to get in here
Have you beaten Prof. Ellie?


Originally Posted by CycloneGU View Post
Another question. Thief (TM46) is used to get berries from trees. Is it one-time use per tree? And if it regenerates, why was Thief not made an HM for this purpose?
Berries regenerate.
And why Thief isn't made HM? Because there's about 10 TMs that are used outside of battle. So having 17 HM...? Not a good idea.

Originally Posted by Shadow97 View Post
Can i know where to catch Dratini and Tynamo and beldum in this game????
You obtain Dratini in Darkdusk City.
Tynamo is catchable... and Beldum... that's something I don't know... maybe someone also gives it to you...
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