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    Ok, how about Milotic?

    Update #4

    Got the Good Rod
    Gave the warden his teeth to get HM04 Strength
    Groarg evolved into Rhydon
    Diluted Koga for the Soul Badge
    Caught Beep the Magnemite
    Beep evolved into Magneton
    Defeated Bieber for the sixth time
    Got Lapras the Lapras (Slave Purposes)
    Beat Giovanni for the second time and got a Master Ball
    Outthought Sabrina for the Marsh Badge
    Found a Secret Key
    Burned Blaine for the Volcano Badge

    Final Update!

    Beat a bunch of bikers
    Beat a Hypno for a oddly named girl
    Grounded Giovanni for a third time for the Earth Badge
    Defeated Bieber for the seventh time
    Cleared Victory Road by being awesome
    Iced Lorelei
    Punched-out Bruno
    Spooked Agatha
    Dovahkiin’d Lance
    Ripped out Bieber’s autotune for the final time to become champion!

    Final Team

    Beep (Magneton) Lv. 52
    Tri Attack
    Thunder Wave

    Squawk (Pidgeot) Lv. 49
    Aerial Ace
    Feather Dance
    Quick Attack

    Sploosh (Gyarados) Lv. 50
    Dragon Dance

    Groarg (Rhydon) Lv. 49
    Rock Tomb
    Take Down
    Brick Break