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It's me and Icefyre.
Name: Tacent Demure
Nickname: Tac
Sex: Male
Age: 16

Occupation: Highschool Student, Sign language tutor
Hobbies: He wanders around his town, doing good things and community service when he isn't practicing. He is able to play the piano, guitar, and violin, playing the piano and guitar like a prodigy.
Disorders: Mute
Quirks: Other than his inability to talk, he lacks any quirks.
Likes: Since he lacks the ability speak, music is his audible expression. He enjoys any type of music, and loves to write his own.
Dislikes: He dislikes people who down any type of music, and he dislikes people who mistreat others. He also hates when people are egotistical or elitist
Dreams: He wishes he could speak, though he has accepted the fact that he would not be able to. He hopes that he is a good enough musician to make a living.
Fears: He fears being in a situation where lacking a voice could kill him, and he fears never having a future.

Appearance: He is 5"6 with black hair. He has caramel skin (natural, he is mixed) and brown eyes. His face is gentle, and trustworthy, when you speak to him, you know he is probably listening. He wears any t-shirt, not caring about looks, though he always wears jeans. He is average sized with average strength. (Though he does believe in personal fitness, so he is average strength for a active and healthy person)

Personality: He lacks the ability to speak, which hinders his ability to socialize. He never feels lonely though, because without a social life he is able to focus on a wide range of things, like music, community service and personal fitness. He pushes himself hard, because he believes he is at a disadvantage in life. He is a kind person, though sometimes he can have a day or two of depression. During those times, he can't talk to anyone and even may have suicidal thoughts. It always passes, and the thoughts stay thoughts, not ideas.

He did come to one conclusion: If he were ever to commit suicide, it would be saving another's life. He never wants to just kill himself.

History: Tacent had always lived in Washington, and he lived a comfortable lifestyle. His mother was a heart surgeon, and his father was a university teacher. Because they were both respected in their occupations, and held high positions, they both were paid well. Tac had plenty of income to play with, and due to the amount of time his parents spent at work, he was pretty free throughout the day.
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