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Here's ma SU C: Tell me if it's fine~

Name: Roxanne Hastings
Nickname: Roxy~
Sex: Female~
Age: 16, almost 17

Occupation: Highschool Student
Hobbies: Roxanne enjoy's to spend time online, on her guitar, cell phone and at home~
Disorders: Nope c:
Quirks: Roxanne is terrible at listening//keeping secrets. ((Out with the gossip!))
Likes: Roxanne loves shopping with friends, texting, singing, facebook, music, all the typical teenage stuff.
Dislikes: Food, she's a weight freak. Rock music, bugs and little insects, being bored.
Dreams: Her dream is/and had always been to be a successful singer.
Fears: That she won't succeed in her dreams.

Appearance: Roxanne is a normal sized girl for her age, a bit skinny though. Since she's a little bit of a wight frak, ya know. Roxanne has a slightly tanned skin tone, like a creamy shade of mocha. Her eyes really stand out, and are like a Athemyst sort of color, which is topped with a little bit of ocean blue. Her eyebrows are shaped smoothly in a Semi Circle, but they are thick not thin, and mostly a little lighter than a Coffee Bean. Her straight, flowing, hair hair goes all the way down to below her belly button. She likes to keep her blonde hair to one side of her neck, but let's some of the hair stay on the other side.

Time by time she likes to wear her pink Beanie on her head. Roxanne's sense of fashion isn't that different from most girls. A casual pair of Skinny Jeans is usually what she wears. Roxanne isn't a fan of Feminine clothes, such as Skirt's or dresses but does like Flowers and such. For the top part of her body she wears a plain, darkish blue, strap top. It has a little bit of sequins making a floral pattern at the right side of the top, but most of them fell off now. She also has a thin, Button up, Grey Caridgen. The Buttons on it are red little Flowers, and it's covered in little Leaf and Flower patterns.

As for her feet, she has a pair of White Trainers, with green striped on one side, and blue stripes on the other. The lace is also a normal white color, but the Aglet is a sort of Violet color.

Personality: Roxanne is the kind of girl who would get distracted easily. Usually when she listens to someone speak, her mind floats in the air. She also isn't the type who likes to get rushed and take orders from other people. Roxanne is a pretty hyper girl, she always wants to see what's up with other people, and run around. Yet she can be quiet sometimes, like when she's tired or texting. It's mostly in the afternoon that she's hyper, like at school. Roxanne also a generous and sweet girl, but don't get on her bad side or you'l regret it.

History: In Roxanne's early life she lives in Seattle with both of her parents. Being a only child, Roxanne got allot of gift's and got spoiled allot. For example, at the age of 11 she already had gotten a phone. Zooming back 5 years, at 6 years old Roxanne had joined school. She got lots of friends, so it was mostly a totally normal life. But then things started to change, at the age of 10 Roxanne could hear her parents swearing at each other and shouting. She thought they were gonna get a divorce, and then she would never see one of them again. And then it came, at 14 years old Roxanne's parents had a divorce and she stayed with her Mother here in Seattle.

This was a very hard time for Roxanne because, well her parents divorced. Only a year after that Roxanne's mother had a car accident, she didn't die but was badly injured on her legs. While her Mother was in the hospital Roxanne was taken care of by a babysitter, who wasn't the most active either.

Now, at the age of 16 (almost 17) Roxanne goes to highschool, having a casual life with her now healed mother.

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