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    ∣ Jade
    Signing up

    Chapter Zero: Part Zero

    Name: Jade (Split Personality: Raven)
    Sex: Female
    Physical Age: 18

    Likes: Watching Kyle's fights, practicing her Bow-Blade weapon style
    Dislikes: Watching Kyle lose, seeing him get hurt
    Dreams: Meeting Kyle face-to-face, though she knows it is impossible
    Fears: Seeing Kyle die, Eternal Darkness, Raven ruining things, Loneliness

    Jade is considered a beauty among the Angels, though she does not flaunt this, and will act timidly when complimented on her looks. She has soft-looking and pale skin, and facial features that seem to show that she is of Japanese/White ethnicity. She has brunette/black hair, seemingly different colors in different lighting. She wears her hair in a ponytail (with a pink rose-like hairband). Her eyes are emerald green and sparkle like gems in sunlight. Her wings are a soft purple/black, much like a crow's. Her clothes consist of a black skirt, a white buttoned t-shirt, and black dress slippers.

    Raven, Jade's split personality, is similar, with a few changes in appearance. Her wings are much darker black with only a tint of purple. Her hair is often left down. Her expression is more often serious or threatening. This personality is more intimidating, and is often enough to scare others away.

    Personality: Jade is sometimes quiet and occasionally timid, but otherwise she is a strong-hearted Angel who is not afraid to speak her mind. Known for her sudden temper, she is constantly compared to a rose: A delicate, beautiful flower that is also deadly, covered in thorns. She's generally kind to others whom she already knows, but will always be on the defensive around strangers. She can be a very trusting and trustworthy ally in battle, considering you're able to befriend her in the first place. To someone who she is not familiar with, anyone could be a potential threat to her or Kyle, and that's a risk she is not willing to take. She seems to take her job very seriously, and is often seen as 'overprotective' of Kyle. On many instances she has utilized objects or scenery in the real world, though fortunately Kyle has not seen or noticed of any of this. Jade fights with calmness and dexterity, making every strike count. This finesse adds to her beauty, making her appear to be a graceful warrior with excellent aim. She prefers using the bow form of her bow-blade, but will change it into a sword when the battle becomes close-quarters. Her arrows are forged out of pure energy and their power, speed, and control are made from his willpower. Her swings with the two-handed greatsword are slower, and are as powerful as she can swing the heavy sword.

    Raven, on the other hand, is an entirely different story. No one is to ever be trusted, and battle is the first solution to every problem. Anger and rage are merely sources of power for her. In this mindset, protecting Kyle is merely a job, and the only mission of importance. Raven finds satisfaction in battling demons, and other cruel beings, as often as she can. Seeing Raven in battle is terrifying, and she would not hesitate to kill an evil entity even if it is possessing an innocent. This only excludes Kyle. She is explosive, unpredictable, and a force to be reckoned with in battle. She prefers the sword form of her bow-blade, though will use the bow form if she cannot reach her target. When using the sword, the blade is sharpened and powered by her own rage and strength. She wields the greatsword as if it were as light as plastic, and is surprisingly fast at swinging, and skilled at controlling it. Her control of the bow is lesser than Jade's, causing the occasional miss.

    History: Jade hasn't had many important events happen during her guardianship, as she was generally on top of any possible hazards before they were serious threats. However, a few things have happened over the course of Kyle's life.

    A few instances where Kyle might have lost a fight and gotten seriously injured, Jade secretly stepping in and helped him win. During the car accident, Kyle was nearly impaled, and Jade allowed herself to materialize behind him, taking the brunt of the injury, and ending up with a permanent scar mid-torso on both her upper stomach and her mid-back. Kyle wound up with a back scar that causes him to fall unconscious if it is tampered with. Jade believes that if she hadn't done that, he'd be dead. Neither Kyle nor his mother saw her when she did this, likely because of the traumatic experience itself. She sometimes compares her scars to his, and thinks of them as a physical sign of the bond between herself and Kyle, and wears them proudly.

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