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    Originally Posted by Miss Doronjo View Post
    Well, here's a fun fact: Pokemon was created first, being first aired in 1995. Digimon was first aired in 1997. Digimon was not copied from Pokemon, and vice versa. Anime and games all around somehow relates to one another. That's just like saying Digimon copied Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh! copied Digimon, it's not true.
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    It's very to said that Digimon copied Pokemon or anything like. The similarities between is only because they have Mons and their franchise ended with -mon too. But toher than that, Pokemon and Digimon are really different each other. First, their mons concept are really differs from each ohter. While Pokemon and Digimon also take inspiration from many thing, Pokemon usually design their Mons around the object while Digimon usually turn to object to fit with their world.That is why we can find 5 Element Chinese Constellation. Second, Digimon and Pokemon world were very different. Also last, in Digimon, the plot and the characters who interact with Digimons usually are kids, while in Pokemon , we can see adults interact with Pokemon as frequent as the kid did. Buuuut, the irony is, while Digimon feels more kiddies like, they manage to deconstruct their own Mons series with Digimon Tamers while Pokemon anime it just....never changes despite adults already interact with Mons from the very first series.

    Just, what the....I'm writing about now >__>
    here Cuddly picture of Pikachu and Terriermon for everyone, since Digimon and Pokemon are in one sentece

    And also, thanks for the direction Miss Doronjo and Twilight Sky

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