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    Originally Posted by shengar View Post
    Huge chunk of out-of-topic. You can read it if you want
    It's very to said that Digimon copied Pokemon or anything like. The similarities between is only because they have Mons and their franchise ended with -mon too. But toher than that, Pokemon and Digimon are really different each other. First, their mons concept are really differs from each ohter. While Pokemon and Digimon also take inspiration from many thing, Pokemon usually design their Mons around the object while Digimon usually turn to object to fit with their world.That is why we can find 5 Element Chinese Constellation. Second, Digimon and Pokemon world were very different. Also last, in Digimon, the plot and the characters who interact with Digimons usually are kids, while in Pokemon , we can see adults interact with Pokemon as frequent as the kid did. Buuuut, the irony is, while Digimon feels more kiddies like, they manage to deconstruct their own Mons series with Digimon Tamers while Pokemon anime it just....never changes despite adults already interact with Mons from the very first series.

    Just, what the....I'm writing about now >__>
    No, no, I understand what your saying, and I pretty much agree! Digimon and Pokemon are alike in some ways, but totally different altogether.

    I myself find myself fond with this generations new designs, and would love to see more soon. In comparison to Gen V? Well, that's a little tough to say - I'd say I like them equally!

    Originally Posted by Suicune™ View Post

    Oh, and there's a Nintendo 3DS Direct tomorrow, I'm not sure whether they'll involve Pokemon X and Y but if they do, it will probably just cover what we found out this week.

    I'm not sure if X&Y will be involved, but, that will be quite interesting if they do! Maybe we'll see more screen shots, and a new trailer? But most likely, yeah, maybe cover what we know so far.

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