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Originally Posted by LilJz1234 View Post
You do know that states that doesn't allow guns got a way lower murder rates?

And your argument saying that criminal will still get guns if they abolish the gun law is aburd. It's like saying why make rules if people are going to break them?

Putting in action the law about abolishing guns is good in my opinion. Why does regular citizens need automatic assault rifles?
Unless they're police officers I don't see why we need them.
Paragraph 1: Where are you getting your information? States with lax gun laws, such as Kansas and Alaska, for example, have quite low murder rates, and at least in Alaska it's big news to hear about a homicide. Then you take places like NYC and DC, where guns are banned and extremely hard to get, respectively. Just LOOK at their murder rates! It's ridiculous!

Paragraph 2: What I'm saying is that gun laws hurt the law-abiding instead of criminals. To quote Paul Ryan, "Criminals by definition don't obey the law." If guns are banned, the law-abiding people will go "okay" and bury their guns. Criminals on the other hand go either to Mexico or somewhere else or make their own guns, and then when they invade a law-abiding person's home the latter can't defend themselves. Gun laws actually increase the crime rate, not the other way around.

Paragraph 3: While assault rifles and such aren't really necessary, they do come out to be useful sometime, especially in times of war. Other guns are necessary for self-defence. Take a look at Britain and Sweden, for example. A buttload of types of guns are illegal there, and it's illegal to defend yourself. As I've said before, if a murderer or robber decides he wants to murder or rob you, you have to let him do it or you can face years in prison. The state of New York is actually considering this. Imagine being in the position of the guy being murdered or robbed, and being unable to defend yourself.
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