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This thread is perfectly fine to be here. There's a difference between offering suggestions about what should be changed and a discussion on things that bother you about essentials. This is a less immediate response, and I'm sure those working on the kit will look at this thread in their spare time to see if there's any small issues they can tackle through here. This thread also allows users to post their qualms without having to make a suggestion out of it.

Worldslayer, first of all, please do not say what should be where. Report it if you feel a thread should be closed. Furthermore no thread has an "overall goal", these are topics. I don't ask my friends how their day was to achieve an overall goal. So please, in future just keep on point. That goes for the other members who have also gone off the point here.

So back to the discussion at hand guys. However IceGod, you could just clarify the thread topic a little, which is what Worldslayer was trying to suggest. I recommend you do that to avoid any further spam and off-topic posts. Thanks guys.
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