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    There is no escape
    It's the end of your precious life
    You're soul slipped away
    It belongs to Queen of The Reich!

    Geoff Tate of Queensryche, "Queen Of The Reich"
    Time for another ep! This one looks really dark, it's about Brock and James having their souls sucked out by a dead woman! Twilight Zone plot? Nope.
    Pokemon Episode 20 "The Ghost Of Maiden's Peak" (Sounds like a Dream Theater song)
    What summer was missed?
    * Pretty funny joke with Brock going gaga over MORE scantily clad women! My dad thinks this is porn, I bet.
    ** Cute/funny Pikachu moment!
    Misty just said "Let's get on the ferris wheel" twice!
    * Meowth just saying "I want a corndog" out of nowhere's veryfunny.
    That very small old women sounds a lot like 1990 Rob Halford.
    "I'm from the local police department and I know EXACTLY what you're doing". Creepi
    Man, her backstory's dark, dark, dark. The sad piano music is even darker.
    * Lots of the scenes of them going gaga over her is pretty funny.
    ** The Pidgeotto alarm clock scene was also funny. Dark ep is also funny!
    This episode is spooki
    So Nurse Joy just talked abut the merits of going to bed early. Reminds me of my dad who makes me go to bed at 8:30 on the weekends.
    *** Pretty much all the scenes of Brock and James going loopy are funny!
    Umm so they stop the ghost with STICKERS? Okay? Okay.
    So the ghost is actually a Ghastly, better yet, it can TALK!
    * And this is a good battle scene.
    * Charmander's voice here was especially funny.
    ** As was Squirtle's.
    Wait a second Gastly's getting crucified? Oh lord.
    * Meowth's flute playing.
    Closing Thoughts:
    That was the BEST episode yet!
    The plot was excellent! Once it reveals the ghost girl's backstory, the plot gets really cool, creepy, dark, and weird like NO other episode i've seen before! A girl waited for her lover to return from the war, but he never did. She continued to wait, eventually turning to stone. 2,000 years later the ghost of the girl takes the soul of a young man, and it's Brock and James's turn. Completely unlike any other episode before, reading more like a horror/supernatural movie plot, and all for the better! Really interesting and weird premise the way I like it.
    The action scene was good too, an interesting shapeshifter battle with a Gastly (Who can talk!) shifting into various other forms that are the Pokemon's weaknesses, again competely different from a typical battle and all for the better.
    And the jokes were hilarious! I laughed a lot at all the scenes of Brock and James going head over heels over the girl, great slapstick there, Pikachu had a lot of funny/cute moments as well, Meowth also got a good line.
    Add in great direction/animation and atmosphere (That creepy piano music!) and you have a completely different episode that's almost perfect.
    However, two things keep me from giving it a 10/10. The first is that it never states why the woman turned to stone, she just waited and then she just turned to stone? That's a gaping hole. And also, the way they stop the ghost (Anti ghost stickers?) is really stupid.
    But besides that, a great episode, and I give it a 9.5/10!
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