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    We'll meet again
    Don't know where
    Don't know when
    But I know we'll meet again
    Some sunny day

    Vera Lynn, "We'll Meet Again"
    Next up on the agenda is what is said to be one of the saddest, most-soul crushing, childhood ruining episodes in Pokemon! That's right folks, it's...
    Pokemon Episode 21 "Bye Bye Butterfree"
    CRITICAL FLAW the Butterfree plural are referred to as "Butterfree" it's "Butterfrees" THAT'S THE TRUTH
    "If your Butterfree doesn't cross the sea it won't have babies" tragic. Okay, i'll take that.
    Aww, Pikachu cuteness.
    * Brock's weird face
    ** Also his rant, followed by his MASSIVE headwound, was another good slapstick bit.
    Butterfree fell in love with a pink one after seeing it's BUTT. Y'know, for kids!
    * Butterfree's completely lovestruck voice.
    Aww, Pikachu's convo with Butterfree was SO cute!
    And now the pink Butterfree's shaking the butt. Oh Japan.
    Wow, the Team Rocket banner had like almost ALL the text erased. I love 4K!DS dubbing.
    Trivia fact if this episode plot was about humans and not Butterfree it would be rated TV-MA-DSL.
    * Pikachu's shocked face was funny
    * Meowth's massive mouth after his fantazy.
    ** A good action scene.
    * Pikachu shocking Team Rocket and flat-out murdering them.
    --- Wow the allegedly soul-crushing ending scene was AWFUL! The emotion was completely ruined as instead of playing a sad, depressing piano/orchestra piece they play the happy, upbeat (And lame IMO) opening theme, which KILLS the mood.
    Closing Thoughts:
    A mediocre episode, only one of two bad ones, and the worst one yet.
    The plot started out slow and boring. I don't give a damn about Ash's Butterfree finding a mate and getting rejected over and over, that's boring. Save the romance fluff for the fanfics, please. But it wasn't all bad! The action-packed second-half, with Team Rocket capturing the Butterfrees, was great, but dampened by an ending scene which due to music used lacked emotional weight.
    As well, The action scenes in the episode were tense and exciting in the continued tradition of the show.
    And the humor was good too with nice laughs throughout.
    Overall, despite positives a slow plot and failed emotion give this only a 5.5/10. Hopefully next time around is better.
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