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    We are the goon squad and we're coming to town
    Beep beep
    Ooh, ahh, fashion

    David Bowie- "Fashion"
    Time for another episode!
    Pokemon Episode 28 "Pokemon Fashion Flash!"
    ** Raichu with make-up on
    They're just Jessie and James, of course the Gang don't notice because plot convience.
    * Aww, look at that Chansey being massaged, it's so cute!
    ** Misty getting owned by that Vulpix
    For the record I don't find Vulpix that cute, the eyes ruin it for me
    Aww, LOOK at Pikachu eating those round pelllet things!
    ** Pikachu dressed up was funny too!
    * Some good Misty facial expressions.
    *** OH MY GOD, Pikachu getting massaged is cuteness incarnate
    So THAT's why Pikachu's cheeks are red!
    I love how they fail to recognize Team Rocket even with like no disguise, they're just wearing glasses!
    * Misty's reaction to her new look.
    * Psyduck running was funny too
    Oh geez they threatened cutting off Vulpix's tails! That's DARK
    ** Good tense action scene.
    Aww, Brock being nuzzled by Vulpix was really cute too!
    Closing Thoughts:
    SECOND-best episode ever!
    The plot was good, they meet Suzie, a Pokemon breeder, who is under contest from Team Rocket disguising poorly as Pokemon breeders. Filler, yes, but well-done filler plot.
    The action scene was intense and thrilling, overall a very good one.
    It was also a really funny ep, great visual humor throughout as well as some funniness with Psyduck and Raichu/Pikachu's makeup.
    Alone it could've got a 7.5/10, but pushing it up a point is the CUTENESS! There were so many cute scenes in this episode! I nearly died from the cuteness of Pikachu having his cheeks massaged, And there were more. Chansey's massage, Raichu's makeup, Vulpix nuzzling Brock, Pikachu eating with Vulpix... It was SO CUTE!
    Overall, only second to Ghost of Maiden's Peak! 9/10!
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