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    Two reviews in one day? INCONCIEVABLE!
    Pokemon Episode 36 "Ditto's Mysterious Mansion"
    * Aww, Pikachu scared of the rain.
    ** The weird Pikachu face! I've seen this scene long before, one of my favs.
    * "PIKOJA"
    * Misty's weird face
    ** Good action scene!
    Pikachu in this episode is especially cute! I also am a big fan of Ditto. It's a cute blob with a happy face.
    ** The Voltorb with Ditto's face, especially the reaction "It's still got that dumb face!"
    Poor Ditto, it can't get respect.
    * More funny scenes with Ditto.
    * Another good action scene.
    ** Aww, look at the two Pikachus.
    Closing Thoughts:
    One of my favorite episodes!
    The plot was good and had some good emotional weight. The gang meets a girl named Duplica, who has a Ditto and she dreams of being a star performer, but since it can't make the right face, it is ridiculed. The plot was fun and had good emotional heft.
    The action scenes were very good, nice morphing fun.
    And the humor was top notch. Lots of good laughs with Pikachu and Ditto, it kept me entertained.
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