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    'Hi how can I help you?
    "One dusk stone please"
    "That'll be 1,000,000 Poke"
    "But i can only Hold 999,999 Poke"
    "Oh Well no dusk stone for you"
    "GO URSARING, Now do you wanna give me the dusk stone or does ursaring here have to call more ursarings and use hyper beam?"
    "P-ple-please dont hurt me take the dusk stone"
    How proceed to evolve Murkrow and fly out of sinnoh, you've just commited "Bear"(See what i did there?" arms Robbery. You have to stop and settle a score first to your next stop, Full Moon Island.

    Your team:
    Special Eevee
    Avatar Credit goes to the creator.
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