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    you found not darkrai but cresselia there.

    "Cresselia? Wheres Darkrai? I want to challenge him!"

    "I was asking the same question myself. but it is apparent that he has vanished from this island and gone somewhere." Cresselia replied.

    "I was impressed with how you manage to survive darkrai's attacks on your mind. Many have been driven mad and gone to asylums because of his dark void." Cresselia said.

    "So that Lunatone in my nightmare...That was you? You helped me to beat Darkrai?" You asked.

    "Yes. It was my way of disguising myself from Darkrai."

    "Anyways..may I join your journey? I feel bored anyway now that Darkrai has gone to Arceusknowswhere."

    You got Cresselia on your team.
    You flew back to Canalave city to box ditto.

    Your team:
    Special Eevee

    Since you are here anyway, you decide to challenge the canalave gym. Byron waits...

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