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    after leaving pallet town you flew to pewter town where the *real* brock awaits.

    "Ha! A new trainer from pallet town!" Lets see what you are made of ." Brock sent out Geodude.

    "I know you are made of pebbles, and pebbles are meant to be crushed" You sent out Croagunk. A flurry of punches easily dispatched geodude before it can do anything.

    "Go, aerodactyl!" Now croagunk was weak to flying but you decide to fight it out to weaken it for the nxt pokemon. Croagunk was eventually knocked out, but not before poisoning it with posion jab.

    You smiled. Cresselia was next, and it proceed to utterly destroy aerodactyl with Psychic. Brock reluctantly gave you the badge. FINALLY A BADGE!

    You hopped merrily to Mt Moon...

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