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    that's a whole lot to look at! there's some good stuff in here. i luv the no outline pop art ones, like seedot, bulby. those are cool looking. BUT! i have seen some one else with the exact same seedot. so it is either a very big coincidence that you did the same uncommon style, on the same pokemon, or else i smell conspiracy here!

    most of the recolors are weird to look at, like blaziken, the colors dont go together good. the blastoise recolor with venu's pallette is excellent though!

    non of your fusions stand out to me that much though. you went fuse happy on the bottom black and yellow ones. they are like three story towers of pokemon, they are just weird...

    the scratches arent too bad, ive seen worse, but ive also seen better. they seem to flat, add more shading into them so they dont look as 3D.

    the crystals are alright, but on blaze's face, and sceptiles face, there's a really bad looking white patch by the eyes. it needs to be fixed because it doesnt fit the whole grove of the sprite.

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