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    Originally Posted by Frostweaver View Post
    With the DFG nerf, Veigar is probably pretty bad anyway ._.; but yes veigar relies on getting stun off, then the other 2 nukes and end with ult+dfg in some vain hopes to OHKO some major threat. However even some supports are like that... learning zyra now and I just can't put down 2 seeds in time as I use snare to get the slowing plants off to use her as a support effectively =/
    The same can be said about LeBlanc. :x Not that LeBlanc doesn't fall off late game anyway, but now she has a non-existent mid game. (like seriously; next time you meet a LeBlanc, just buy a Negatron Cloak, and you're set. .___.)

    Anyway, welcome~! I'll add all you guys soon.

    With the season 3 changes coming soon, are you guys excited?

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