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    I like a fair number of shows aimed at children: Phineas and Ferb, Adventure Time, Gravity Falls and some more that I can't remember off the top of my head. So when I hear all these reports that say 'oh children's TV has gone so downhill since I was young', I always approach them with a high degree of scepticism. Having said that, I've looked at the shows that Cartoon Network produces (apparently it only makes 4 in house!) and I can't say that I'm impressed with their quality.

    To me, what made - and continues to make - the CN shows of the 90s well regarded was that they didn't seem to write down to their intended audience i.e. kids. From the snippets of the CN shows of today that I've seen, they do seem more 'childish'/'kiddy'/whatever derogatory word you wish to use. And that's a shame. But it doesn't mean that the entire network has fallen into a pit. I mentioned Adventure Time above; that and Regular Show (which I don't care for but understand why people like it) are shows that definitely do NOT talk down to their audience, and are all the richer for it. And yet they're massively popular according to ratings of target demographics. But so is stuff like Ben 10... so I don't know if either will be seen by CN as the way forward.
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