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    Hello all! I am taking a break from the North American Regions for now and focusing on what is left in Japan.

    I have been working on these for quite some time now in preparation to write a pokemon story. These two regions are based on the Holon Region in the Pokemon TCG sets known as EX Delta Species, EX Legend Maker, EX Holon Phantoms, EX Crystal Guardians and EX Dragon Frontiers. And Sinjoh is based on the idea of their being an actual Sinjoh Region between Sinnoh and Kanto and Johto. I am putting these two together because they are official names in pokemon, but no actual maps of these regions. The stories also mingle together.

    Delta Species is a huge part of these stories and there will be at least 30 Delta species from every region except Alola. I am aware that Pokemon Insurgence exists and I tried to avoid using same type combos from that game, however some pokemon I loved too much to avoid. The ones that I know are from Pokemon Insurgence, fan made game, I have all taken a few from the TCG to include in the regions, but with some changes to better fit with games or story over TCG. Please forgive me if some Delta Pokemon come up that may be from the fan made game. I have looked over the list multiple times, but I may have still used some from the game that I am unaware of as I think the list may be a little outdated.

    Because I am not making Delta Species of the Eeveelutions, mainly because it wouldn't make sense since they can adapt, I am including the final three Eeveelutions that I have not yeah done a fakemon for in my other regions. Ghost, Fighting and Ground. More details be listed at a later time.

    One final note, the Sinjoh Region is inspired by real world Tohoku Region and parts of the Chubu Region in Japan. Holon is modeled after the Chugoku and Shikoku Regions in Japan.

    Sinjoh Region: Region of the Golden Students

    Quick Locations:

    A. Goldleaf City
    B. Silverbranch City
    C. Tinravine Town
    D. Mithrilridge Town
    E. Adamantport Town
    F Copper Isle Town
    G. Thorium Isle Town
    H. ZIncpier Town
    I. Ironvale Village
    J Coalfall Village
    K. Nicklecrag Town
    L. Cobalthallow Town
    M. Titaniumgorge City
    N. Platinumsteppes City

    O. Mt. Gold
    P. Mt. Mistshroud
    Q. Coalcrag Mountains
    R. Serpent's Chain Mountains
    S. Sinjoh Ruins/Mountain
    T. Seabask Shrine
    U. Seabask Forest
    V. Cherryglade Forest
    W. Coalbed Lake
    X. Titaniumbed Lake
    Y. Cherryglade Lake
    Z. Goldleaf Lake
    AA. Goldleaf Academy

    Routes 49 - 62

    The Sinjoh Region is home to the prestigious Goldleaf Academy, where some of the most powerful trainers in all the world have come to study. The region is mostly known for its mountainous lands and rich in different types of ore. Sinjoh Region does not have much history on its own, but it was established by ancient humans from Johto, Kanto, Sinnoh and Hoenn, but mostly those from Sinnoh and Johto.

    Mt. Mistshroud is one fo the most dangerous mountains in the region, which splits the north and south parts of the region. There is almost always near zero visibility on the mountains and even less in winter.

    However, in the last few years, people have reported seeing oddly typed pokemon, as well as pokemon than seem purely evil and has unimaginable power. Some say delta pokemon are spreading. Some believe that shadow pokemon are returning and a very few believe an evil team had risen from the shadows and plans to use shadow pokemon once again.

    Most of the customs of Sinjoh are the same as those from Kanto, Johto, and Sinnoh. There are gyms, but you cannot simply challenge the gym itself, you must have attended Goldleaf Academy for at least two years, or are currently enlisted, regardless of year.

    Some gyms are a straight forward battles with the gym leader. A number of gym, you have to defeat a series of trainers before taking on the gym leader. And for others, you must compete in a tournament with other students to see who is allowed to battle the gym leader. 50% of the gyms require you to use a specific type of pokemon. Other gyms will require you to have a specific grade in the Goldleaf Academy.

    Once you have earned a 8 badges, you may then enter the Goldleaf League and battle other trainers who have earned the right. Depending on where you finish in this tournament, will usually depend on what you do for the rest of your life in Sinjoh.

    Trains are a huge part of the culture in Sinjoh because all the mountains make it hard to travel by foot. Because of this, trainers tend to take the train to ever town and spend however much time they want in that town before moving on to the next.

    Goldleaf Academy:
    At the Goldleaf Academy, students and professors live together. Students are between the ages of 10 and 20. Students are chosen by their Dorm Professor depending on grades, likability, and potential. Because of this, many students fail to even get sorted if all professors find them unworthy. This can be drastically different from professor to professor. To many professors, there is no room for weakness, failures or fairness.

    On the campus, there are 50 dorm buildings. 10 buildings in which contain classrooms. 10 Battlefield Stadiums and a center building which contains the school gathering room, sport gyms, gardens and other facilities students may need during there time at the Academy.

    Each dorm building has their own gathering halls, dinning rooms, kitchens, and other things need for living which are mainly on the ground floor other than the Professor's room, which is on the ground floor. They also can spend funds raised by their dorms on new buildings. Each dorm is ran by a single professor. No more than 30 students stay at a single dorm at a given time, unless it is under special circumstances. The student rooms are on the 2nd and 3rd floors. Each student is given a dorm room of their own.

    Each dorm room has a queen size bed, a 42" TV, a desk, chair, a computer, shelves, and chests. All rooms have at least one window. Each dorm has three stories.

    Each professor teaches at least one class.

    Holon Region: Region of the Deltas

    Quick Locations:
    Towns and Outposts:
    1. Holon City
    2. Outpost Alpha
    3. Outpost Beta
    4. Outpost Gamma
    5. Outpost Epsilon
    6. Outpost Zeta
    7. Outpost Delta
    8. Ruins of Outpost Omikron (New area not on map. It is in the Dragon Frontiers)

    Mirage Forest
    Holonian Marshlands
    Holon Mountains
    Holon Jungle
    Holonian Swamps
    Holonian Desert
    Holonian Frostflame Forest
    Holonian Grasslands
    Holon Lake
    Crystalsand Island (Formerly known as Mysterious Island)
    Dragon Frontiers

    Notable Features:
    A. Desert Pyramid Ruins
    B. Forest Shrine Ruins
    C. Frostfire Temple Ruins
    D. Jungle Pyramid Ruins
    E. Crystalsand Island
    F. Swamp Shrine Ruins
    G. Delta Stonehenge
    H. Misted Ruins
    I. Dragon Frontiers

    Note: First part is mainly from the known descriptions that Bulbapedia has listed from the manuals and official prints.

    The region is west of Johto and east of the northern parts of Hoenn. The region was inhabited by humans who wished to search for the elusive Mirage Pokmon Mew. Establishing a city (also called Holon), scientists utilized the unique magnetic properties of the area to produce waves of electromagnetic energy via a large tower in the city center to track the location of Mew. The resulting electromagnetic waves caused the local Pokmon to mutate into abnormal types inconsistent with their genes from outside the region. The north part of the region is largely forested with a large lake and marshlands to the south. The lake is also bordered by a massive mountain range. The south part of Holon nothing, but jungle and swamplands other than two area of mountains in the east and west of the southern part of Holon. Off the southern coast, there is an island bearing unique crystals some distance from the main land. Far away from Hoenn and Holon, there is an Island chain known as the Dragon Frontier which is home to some of the most powerful Delta Pokemon, including legendaries.

    Because of how dangerous the region can be, the desert, jungle, swamp, ice forest, and Crystalsand Island are off limits to trainers who have not gotten permission from the Research Outposts scattered through Holon. Furthermore, the Dragon Frontiers are off limits to anyone who has not received special permission from a Regional Champion and Head Researcher. Those who ignore these requirements are usually found dead or never heard from again. The Marshes, Mirage Forest, and Grasslands are available to any trainer who has come to Holon unless otherwise stated.

    Even though the region only has one main city, outposts are scattered around the region that have been established as bases for researchers and archaeologists. Ruins liter the region as if it was once a massive civilization. It is said that no one will ever know the true origins of the Holon Region unless they have a heart of gold and a soul of silver.

    There are no known customs in this region as all of the people here are either researchers studying Delta Pokemon or trainers who wish to catch these pokemon. There are a few families, scholars, writers, and photographers in the main city, but they don't do anything special that sets them apart from other regions. The most notable people actually come from north western Johto and those people use Swinub or Piloswine to locate hot springs.

    However, there is a rumor that a tribe of ancients humans who may still yet live in the Holon Jungle, but remain hidden and watch from afar. No contact with these humans has ever been proven.

    Important Posts:
    Delta Species: Explanation and Holon/Sinjoh Professors
    Delta Species: Kanto/Johto and Final Eeveelutions
    Delta Species: Hoenn and Sinnoh
    Delta Species: Unova and Kalos
    Main Students
    Teachers and Team Shadow members:
    Mega Evolutuons, Primal Reversions, and Fusion
    Team Shadow and the Order of Dawn
    Sundering of the World: Ancient Holon and Formation of Sinjoh

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