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    Main Students:

    Yuki Matsu -Is the main female character of the story. She is 15 and is from the Orre Region. Without her phone or parents, she is hopelessly lost. Her parents had worked so hard for her to finally save enough money to send her to Goldleaf Academy, her dream school, in hopes that she could live a better life than they did and achieve her dream of becoming an Actress in the Unova. Even though it had been over 50 years since the Shadow Pokemon Crisis ended, Orre still struggled to prosper. It was no longer rough as it once was, but it was still hard to raise a family, let alone send your children to one of the most prestigious academy in the world.

    Yuki also had a special ability, allowing her to sense dark energy from pokemon. She once said that she had met a pokemon of silver, but she was unaware at what it was. She doesn't have a specialty in a certain pokemon type. However, this is may change as the hand of fate descends.

    William Grimes - Is the main male character of the story. He is 15 and is from the Unova Region. Inspired by the legends of Unova, he has always wanted to become a Dragon Tamer. However, he also really enjoys flying pokemon due to growing up near an airport and his mother being a Sky Trainer. As well as fighting type pokemon like his father. He loves all three types of pokemon and would love to master all three, but if he had to choose, he will choose dragons.

    William also has a special ability, when pokemon become aggressive in the city or pokemon just don't get along, with a simple touch, he seems to sooth the pokemon instantly, no matter how aggressive they may be. The problem is, getting close enough.

    Addison Grimes - She is another main female of the story and is the little sister of William Grimes. She is 10 years old. Because their parents travel so much, she was given a choice to attend Goldleaf Academy with her brother or travel with her parents. Because their close bond, she chose to stay with her brother. She was accepted into the same dorm as her brother and her acceptance letter informed her that she was one of the highest ranks that her age could get while attending Goldleaf.

    She enjoys all types of pokemon and has of dream of writing and directing movies. When she finds a mythical egg, she doesn't realize how much of a driving force her involvement is going to be.

    Ayame Ando - She is a support character and is 16. She is from Hoenn. She is a very adventurous trainer and loves to travel. She also really loves to eat and try new foods, but because of how active she is, she hardly gains weight from what she eats. Her dream is to travel all around the world and to become a world renowned food critic and photographer. Her specialty in pokemon tends to be Fairy and Poison.

    Chloe and Clovis Dax - Support characters. They are both from Kalos and are 16 years old. These two trainers are twin brother and sister. They embrace being twins and do everything together. Much like Ayame, they love to travel, but unlike her, they want to learn all they can about history of the pokemon world and become Tag Team Masters. Chloe's specialty is Water and Rock type pokemon. Clovis' specialty is Steel and Ice type pokemon.

    Kemali Alana - Is a support character. She is 14 years old and is from Alola. She is usually very quiet, but is extremely nice. Her dream is to become a Pokemon Coordinator and win as many different ribbons as possible. She also really loves designing outfits and moves, as well as painting. Her specialty is Bug and Electric type pokemon.

    Olivia Fraiser - Is a support character. She is 15 and is from Unova. She loves history. She also loves everything about books, computers and anything else that requires mystery solving. Her dream is to become a Pokemon Professor as well as an actress much like Yuki. But her biggest dream is to discover a new pokemon. She also loves writing stories and imagines herself being around during ancient times. Her specialty is Fire ad Ghost type pokemon.

    Iwao Wada - Is a support character. He is 15 and is from Sinnoh. He loves the mountains and wants to become a Pokemon Ranger. However, he doesn't want to be a normal one. He wants to catch pokemon and help anyone in need of aid, especially when it comes to natural disasters. He specializes in Grass and Ground type pokemon, but he will catch any pokemon that he thinks may be of use to his goal.

    Takeshi Nakano - Is a support character and is from Kanto. He is 16 and his dream is to become one of the best Dragon Tamers in the world, but also he wants to become an International Police Officer and take down all types of crime and make the world a better place. However, he sometimes looks down on others and can be arrogant. He specialize in Dark and Dragon Pokemon.

    Moriko Chisaka - Is a support character. She is 15 and is from Johto. Growing up near dance theaters, she has always wanted to become a great dancer and singer just like her mother. She also wants to become an expert in playing the flute. She also wishes to find her father who went missing many years ago. She does not special in a certain type of pokemon, but she does tend to favor humanoid like pokemon.

    Haku Kahele - Support character . He is 14 and is from Alola. His dream is to become one of the greatest pokemon sports experts to ever come. He also wishes to surf on every beach in the world. He specializes in water pokemon, as well as any pokemon that may be from the sea.

    Lumi Mori - A support character. She is 15 and is from the Sinnoh Region. Her dream is to become a great skier, snowboarder, and ice skater. She also wishes to one day become an Ice-Type Gym Leader. She loves all Ice type pokemon and wants to eventually snowboard down some of the tallest mountains in the world. Even though she specializes Ice-Type pokemon, she has a Chimchar that her father gave her.
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