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    I said that I would only include a few primals, but I have added some additional pokemon that I think are important to the story of these two regions. To make these as powerful as my image, they will require some odd ideas that I am not sure would ever work in the games. It will also require some explaining. Be warned, some include some insane numbers, but this is because it may require more than a single pokemon. And shows just how powerful these pokemon were.

    Universal Deoxys: Psychic
    Description: It looks like all forms combined into one.

    Universal Deoxys is a type Primal Reversion. It is unknown exactly how these came to be as it has only ever been express by ancient scripts. From what people know, in order for this to ever occur, 4 Deoxys must become one. You must have a Normal, Speed, Attack, and Defense forms and journey to Crystalsand Island in the Holon Region.

    HP - 100
    Attack - 200
    Defense - 200
    Sp. A - 200
    Sp. D - 200
    Speed - 200
    Total: 1100

    Primal Regigigas: Normal
    Description: Its body turns into a mixture of Lava, Ice and Rock.

    In order to cause this to happen, trainers must bring the Regis from Unova and Hoenn together at the standing stones in the middle of the lake in the Holon Region. When the Regi are close, they will transform into 6 orbs which then combine to create the Continental Orb. This orb can then be used to induce Primal Reversion for Regigigas.

    HP - 110
    Att - 110
    Def - 150
    Sp. A - 200
    Sp. D - 110
    Speed - 90
    Total - 770

    Mega Ho-oH: Fire/Psychic
    Description: It's body turns into a nothing, but fire of different colors, as well as gains additional flame feathers and a aura of gold that surrounds the rainbow.

    In order for Ho-oH to mega evolve, a trainer must have a pure heart and have complete trust with each other. Ho-oH must also know Sacred Flames. The trainer must also hold the Rainbow Wing.

    HP - 120
    Att - 120
    Def - 125
    Sp. A - 145
    Sp. D - 145
    Speed - 145
    Total - 800

    Mega Lugia: Water/Psychic
    Description: Its body turns completely to a liquid substance that is grey, black and dark blue. A silver aura also surrounds the pokemon body. It becomes more feathery, but not nearly as much as Ho-oH.

    In order for Lugia to mega evolve, a trainer must have a pure soul and have complete trust with each other. Lugia must also know Aeroblast. The trainer must also hold the Silver Wing.

    HP - 120
    Att - 145
    Def - 145
    Sp. A - 120
    Sp. D - 125
    Speed - 145
    Total - 800

    Lati: Dragon/Psychic
    Description: The pokemon is a light purple color, but also has a mix of peach and turquoise color. This pokemon looks very much like Latios and Latias, but with a greater size.

    This pokemon is special and can only be achieved when 2 humans and both Latis' hearts are connected and all four have complete trust of one another. They must touch the Soul Dew in the presence of Mew and Latios and Latias will fuse into one single pokemon.

    HP - 200
    Att - 200
    Def - 200
    Sp. A - 200
    Sp. D - 200
    Speed - 250
    Total - 1250
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