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I revamped this chapter to fix up any errors. No MAJOR changes this chapter.

The Launch of a Journey


Those are the words that Jeff heard as he awoke in a puzzled daze. Jeff twitched uncomfortably; this wasn’t the soft cot that he fell asleep in. He opened his eyes, revealing his iris to be green with a tint of yellow surrounding the pupils.

There was a bright light shining from the windows piercing into his confused cornea, causing his pupils to constrict in miosis. He squinted and he darted his eyes around. He found himself lying on the cold, wood paneled floor of his room. A sharp pain in the back of his head caused him to cringe.

The pain would return every few seconds along with the obnoxiously loud squawks of the ongoing noise. It was as if this unknown force was mocking him. Jeff lazily rolled from his side onto his back. The pain did not return as he had expected it to, a few seconds later, although the sound “PIDGEO” still loudly hollered.

Jeff jerked his head around, quickly looking around the room. He looked down at his bicep revealing a large healed scar down his arm. “Thank Arceus… it was just a dream.” He wiped the sweat from his brow and quickly scanned the room again… just in case.

He got up onto one knee and his hands. Lying to his right was an opened copy of “Catch-22,” by Joseph Heller, as well as the “Hoenn Edition to the Guide of Starter Pokemon,” by Professor Birch.

As he lazily read the name “Professor Birch” he remembered that the man was the local pokemon professor for his small but lush hometown of Littleroot. He also taught Jeff in high school about the many different aspects of pokemon.

I must have fallen out of bed,” Jeff thought to himself, remaining on one knee.

He looked to the side of his end table and saw that the cause of the pain in his head was brought on by his Pidgeotto alarm clock, which was lying sideways on the floor. The wooden bird extended and contracted, and squawked from its static perch on the clock.

He held the back of his head. His hand brushed through his dark brown hair, which was light and somewhat dense, with the hair overgrowing in the back.

Jeff tried to get his bearings. His eyes darted to the window, which had a leafy tree branch brushing up against the glass. His eyes then looked to the beige wall of his room.

On the wall were two movie posters, tacked to the drywall. One was poster was advertising “Lone Wolf” starring Duke, the Mightyena. The poster showed a grey and black, wolf like pokemon separated from its pack, walking away from them, bearing his teeth with a large snarl on his face.

The poster to the left of it was entitled “The Last Tree”. There was a picture of a Grovyle slumped against a tree, looking off, deeply, into the distance. “Starring ‘Nychus the Grovyle’, A thought provoking, breathtaking ride!” read a review. The Grovyle was a large, green raptor pokemon. He had green leaves protruding his arms and head. Jeff had remembered seeing a picture of a Grovyle in the book by his bed. Those were two of his favorite movies; both were action/dramas.

He idly fondled a long, lance-shaped leaf of the dragon tongue plant beside him as he stared at his wall.

Jeff continued scrolling his eyes along the wall. He stopped at a calendar. He focused in on today’s date circled in red marker.

He blinked in revelation. “Today’s the day I get my first pokemon!” Jeff thought to himself.

He looked at the sideways clock on the ground and his eyes widened.

“Oh crap, I’m REALLY late!” Jeff groaned, frantically sitting upright.

He double checked the clock that lay sideways on the floor.

Oh, never mind. I thought the minute hand was the hour hand again. It’s really just eight fifteen,” Jeff thought to himself, grinning and relieved as he stroked his small, overgrown goatee, which was morning shadow. "I wouldn't have wanted to get an Eevee or something. With plenty of time to spare, I should shave."

Jeff got to his feet and stretched, growling in a low tenor voice, as he did so. He walked up to his wall mirror and admired himself. He was shirtless and wore green plaid PJ pants. He looked in the mirror at his six feet tall, one hundred forty-five pound stature. He had a strong muscular build and a good, sturdy posture.

He walked over to his tidy dresser and began to get changed. Jeff slowly got changed into his favorite set of clothes. This attire was his green T-shirt, a pair of roughed up, blue soccer shorts, holey socks, and sunglasses.

It’s finally happening…I’m going to leave town on my own pokemon journey, like all of my friends before me did.” He thought as he poked his head through his forest green shirt.

Jeff had many friends who are aspiring pokemon masters/coordinators. Most of them have already set out on their journey during high school with their very own pokemon. They had been successful at doing what they do best…fight and show off. Sure they can be jerks but they were his best human friends and they were always fun to be around. Only a few remained with he in high school for an indefinite period of time. He knew that they would eventually all go too.

I should make a good first impression for my first pokemon,” he thought, picking up his electric razor and turning it og

Jeff claimed that the reason that he did not start his pokemon journey when he was ten was because that he thought that most of the kids who set out at that age didn’t last very long as a trainer. The usual reason for this is that the pokemon would mature faster than the kid and in most cases have no respect for some kid. Besides, going out into the world knowing nothing of what’s coming and relying purely on your pokemon will nit only get you hurt but most importantly your pokemon. That opinion led Jeff to decide to learn more about them and how to responsibly care for them, attending Professor Birch’s school lectures. However, there was a different reason that Jeff refused to tell anybody.

I guess I should at least put on deodorant,” he thought to himself, picking up a stick of deodorant. He rubbed the ‘Forest fresh’ deodorant on his underarms and checked the smell.

I’m going to compete in the Hoenn League. I don’t really care if I win the league or not, but I do love battling and it’s an excuse for me to go out on an adventure and make new friends with people and pokemon, as well as meet my old friends. And if I DO win…and she is watching…”

He beamed as he rechecked his wallet.

Although Jeff had a posse of close friends, he had always made himself a bit of a lone wolf in the group. When his group of friends were laughing and playing he would always be a little bit off to the side, calmly relaxing or listening and pondering about whatever was on his mind.

Jeff walked towards the door of his room, but stopped and turned.

“Oops, almost forgot.”

Jeff went over to his wooden desk. The desk consisted of a backpack, a PC, old research papers about pokemon, and a cactus. He picked up his back pack which carried a few potions and antidotes, a great deal of saved up money, a sleeping bag and pillow, one of his Dad’s medical kits and about three weeks worth of light meals to be rationed. He looked to the right of his PC, and picked up this odd twig, which was straight and had a smaller branch coming off of it diagonally, and let it rest in his mouth, habitually.

He would travel with that odd tree twig in his mouth everywhere. Only he and one other knew where it came from…

Jeff exited his room and walked over the dull carpet, turning left to the stairs. He stopped in his tracks when he saw a purple figure standing on the stairs.

“Yo, Tyrogue, I’m finally going,” Jeff smiled to the superpower pokemon, who was the size of a child. Tyrogue smiled and continued walking past Jeff and into his parent’s room to weight lift.

Tyrogue was a pokemon caught by Jeff’s older brother. He decided to leave him here while he traveled to the Johto region. His brother was nine years older than him. He left to start his own journey while Jeff was still in pokemon elementary. He had always admired his older brother and his starter pokemon. He hasn’t seen them in some time. He and Tyrogue had become good friends over the years, and only Tyrogue knew of Jeff's secret.

“Tyrogue!” Jeff called out, “I left the dumbbells in my room, but the barbells are still there, though!” Jeff explained to the pokemon, who decided to go body build.

Jeff walked down the stairs and went towards the vestibule, which was home to shoes and coats. He slipped on a pair of white and green New Balance shoes. He turned and yelled calmly into the kitchen to his mom, Mrs. Growell.

“Hey, Mom! I’m going to Professor Birch’s lab to get my pokemon, I’ll be back…”

“Alright, dear!” She replied from the kitchen. “Won’t you have breakfast?”

"Nah, I'm too excited to eat right now!" Jeff called back. Then, he suddenly remembered two vital members to the Growell family and asked, "Did Dad and Bayleef leave for the hospital yet?"

“Yes, you just missed them!” She shouted back, preoccupied with making coffee.

“Ok…” Jeff replied, somewhat glumly. “Well I’m going now, I’ll come back before I leave town!”

“Bring back a cute pokemon!” Mrs. Growell told Jeff as he entered the cluttered vestibule.

“I have something else in mind,” he muttered to himself, turning the brass doorknob.

He stopped at the doorway, and took a deep breath before walking calmly out the door to his first pokemon.
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