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I revamped this chapter too.


1 Year Ago, later that night.

The cool, night breeze irritated Jeff’s crudely stitched gash. He poked at it, idly, picking at the dried blood that formed a still trickle down his arm, like sap on a tree trunk.

Jeff slowly limped over the forest bed; sticks broke and leaves crunched beneath his heavy feet. Every so often, he turned his head around, paranoid of more pokemon who didn’t think red was his color. He heard a light scampering in the brush around him.

What if it’s a Caterpie?!” Jeff thought to himself, genuinely nervous. “Their horns are kind of sharp… and what if it… tackles me?” he brooded over, trying to justify his fear.

Arceus! I’ve never been afraid of pokemon before! I never thought that one could or would actually kill me… I never thought that one would help me in that situation, either, though.

Jeff hurried his footsteps. He wanted to leave so much but at the same time he wanted to go back into the pitch black forest. Large branches obstructed his path so he had to step over them. Jeff turned around to look behind him while he walked, but he tripped over a large stick. The injured teen fell and landed on a large root, his wounded arm taking the blunt of the impact.

“HRAAAARGHHH!!” Jeff screamed out in pain. He clutched his arm and rolled onto his other side. Jeff removed his hand from the cut and saw that one of the crude, bark stitches had ripped and began to bleed again.

Damnit… I’m screwed,” he thought hopelessly, looking at the severe gash, tied by white strips of birch bark. He bit his lip looking at the seeping wound. Jeff didn’t know how much blood he could lose. Through the underbrush he could see the familiar, dull, orange gleam of a street light. “You’re almost there…get up, Jeff! Get up!”

He struggled to get to his knee and before the hard part of standing to his feet. He stood and leaned against a tree, panting with indistinguishable grunts. Jeff hobbled towards the lights. He felt weight being lifted onto his shoulders as he painfully stepped onto the comforting asphalt.

I’m home… and out of that forest… thank Arceus.” Jeff his head and looked back into the forest and thought, “…Treecko…”

Jeff noticed a rustling in the bushes. He turned to face the noise in a worried prospect. Suddenly, a brown blur jumped towards him from out of the underbrush. Jeff stepped back in surprise but tripped and landed on his tailbone.

“Argh, what the!?”

“Zig…” the pokemon beamed expectantly.

Jeff looked in confusion wondering if it was the same Zigzagoon from early or if it was just really friendly.

“Have we met?” Jeff asked in inquiry.

The Zigzagoon nodded his head vigorously and rubbed against Jeff’s leg, overjoyed that he was still alive.

“You still hungry? Sure, I’ll leave the whole ‘abandoning me when I was about to die’ incident behind us…” Jeff teased.

Zigzagoon looked down, guiltily.

“Seriously though, it’s no problem, I’ll see if there’s anything left in my bag…” Jeff reassured, grabbing for the strap of his backpack, but he grabbed only cloth from his shirt.

Jeff turned his head to find that his backpack was not on his back. Jeff recalled back to where he dropped his backpack before being attacked by Scyther. He had to run, not bothering with the bag. Then he met Treecko, he remembered.

“Ugh, damnit…sorry bud, I forgot my backpack back at the lake. Now I have to go get it,” Jeff explained to the disappointed pokemon. Jeff was secretly terrified of going back into the forest… but he knew he had to get it.

Zigzagoon nodded and gestured Jeff to follow him back into the forest. Jeff slowly followed Zigzagoon though the under brush. Jeff saw familiar trees and grass patches while they slowly trudged. The trees became more spread out, although there were still large patches of bushes and underbrush to all of their sides. They were very wary of the unknown area. It felt like they would be sucked under the grass at any minute.

There was a noisy crackling of branches coming from the wall of shrubs. The two stepped back, cagey as to what the rustling was coming from. With the noise came gasps and heavy breathing. It became mind-numbingly louder, the anticipation was killing them.

What if it’s Scyther?” Jeff thought, his legs beginning to tingle and gain adrenaline from the idea of the returning dread. The rustling grew louder; so did the panting. Zigzagoon snarled and put on a menacing face for Jeff. He growled but he could feel his small legs trembling in fear; Zigzagoon’s cowardly nature got the better of him and he caved in trepidation and bolted away.

“Coward!” Jeff called to him. “Oh crap… I’m completely alone. I can’t even run straight let alone escape. He left me… and now I’m screwed.” He stepped backwards but his equilibrium was still off from the blood loss. He fell down hard on his tailbone. Jeff could now see bright green moving in the bushes. The petrified teen braced himself and closed his eyes.

He awaited the blade as a doomed king awaited the guillotine. But nothing came; no pain, no “whish”, no Scyther. Jeff opened his eyes and saw the green silhouette of Treecko standing over him, his backpack in hand. The moonlight shined upon the Treecko, illuminating a healed scar down his green collarbone, which Jeff did not notice before.

A wave of relief swept over Jeff, although, he wondered where that Treecko had received that scar. Maybe from a fight… or torture. He wasn’t sure.

“It’s you again!” Jeff exclaimed, overjoyed. “…Nice twig.” Jeff smiled, gesturing to the identical twig in his mouth.

Treecko grinned and handed the backpack to him. “Treecko tree tree cko,” Treecko smiled, dropping the heavy backpack.

“You didn’t have to find me to give this back! I was perfectly capable…” insisted Jeff, before half being interrupted and half knowing that he couldn’t pull off the lie in his situation.

“Treecko cko tree Treecko,” Treecko laughed, mockingly.

“I only fell down once!” Jeff defended his view, even though he fell much more than that. “…But, really, thank you,” Jeff graciously thanked, picking up the backpack with his right hand.

Treecko turned to go back to his massive tree; he began to walk back into the thick brush. Jeff decided he would ask what he had planned to ask on their last encounter.

Jeff called to Treecko before he was camouflaged by the plants, “Hey Treecko…how would you like to come back to my home for some food?”

Treecko pondered for a minute and then his stomach growled loudly. He blushed and nodded, his stomach sealing the deal.

“Hah, great! I’ll lead the way back!” Jeff beamed as they tromped back the way he came. They walked through the underbrush until Jeff tripped over a white spiky rock. He managed to avoid falling on his bad arm this time, but the shock from the fall still sent a wave of pain into his arm. He groaned as he rolled on his back to see what he tripped on. That white spiky rock had angry, red eyes!

“Is that a…Silcoon…or a Cascoon…or something?” Jeff thought out loud, scrambling away from it. Treecko nodded and stepped backwards.

From behind the white, spiky pokemon, who was like a volleyball, appeared a white-bellied bug. Its back was bumpy and colored a bright red. Its beady yellow eyes stared angrily at Jeff. The Wurmple, who was seemingly friends with the Silcoon, began to yell at the two.

Treecko began to yell back at the two bugs pointing at Silcoon and then at Jeff. “Tree tree cko cko treecko!” he retorted, angrily but calmly.

Treecko had obviously struck a nerve with Wurmple. The p*ssed off bug let out a stream of white silk from his mouth. The string shot attack stuck to and wrapped around Treecko’s feet, tripping him backwards to the ground. The wood gecko groaned and then he tried to rip the sticky silk tying his feet. From his mouth, Wurmple shot out a volley of purple pins at Treecko.

Jeff’s eyes widened at the oncoming attack. Without time to think, he jumped in front of the attacking Wurmple and the helpless Treecko. He ripped the silk string from the grass type’s legs and picked him up with one arm. Jeff was aware of the poison pins coming at him from behind him, but he forced himself to protect the helpless Treecko, who was very weak to those poison attacks. Normally Jeff wouldn’t be so brave and reckless as to do this, but this time it was different.

Five purple pins dug into the back of Jeff’s right calf. Jeff let out a throaty growl, falling to his right knee, dropping Treecko. Treecko maneuvered around Jeff and ran at the Wurmple and Silcoon. He whipped his tail around him once, hitting the Wurmple into the forest. The wood gecko then ran towards the sitting Silcoon and kicked it in the face; it sailed into the forest after the red and white bug.

Treecko let out a grunt and ran back to Jeff, who looked at his red, swelling leg.

“Treecko tree tree?” Treecko asked quickly, gesturing to Jeff’s bag.

“Tools? Medicine? Antidote?” Jeff asked him, frantically trying to interpret him. “Yes, I think!” Jeff gave him the go ahead to dump out the bag.

Treecko scrambled through the cluttered items and found only tweezers and water.

“Treecko cko!?!” Treecko reprimanded him for not bringing good medicine.

“Who carries around poison antidotes anymore!?!?” Jeff shot back.

Treecko ignored that and walked up to Jeff’s wounded calf muscle. He used the tweezers to pull out the five needles. With each needle, Jeff grimaced; blood and a foreign yellow substance seeped from the holes.

Treecko indicated that Jeff’s leg was, indeed, poisoned.

“Damn…what can we do? We have no antidotes and we won’t make it to town!” Jeff sputtered with panic in his voice.

Treecko raised a finger, telling Jeff that he had a last chance idea.

Treecko picked up the silk that Wurmple shot, and tied it tightly above Jeff’s knee, cutting off the blood circulation from the leg to the rest of the body.

“Ok, so now the poison will only eat away at my leg!” Jeff grunted, starting to feel the burning poison in his veins. He looked down and saw that his leg was turning a sickly yellow color.

“Treecko tree!” Treecko gestured, pointing at his mouth and pointing to the wound.

Jeff looked at Treecko, skeptically. “Uh, Treecko…contrary to what our mothers tell us, kissing wounds doesn’t actually make them heal faster,” Jeff explained.

Treecko slapped his head and began to make the gesture to his mouth, then Jeff’s leg, then made a passing motion behind him.

“Ohh, you want to get the poison out yourself?! No! Don’t do anything that will involve you getting poisoned instead!" Jeff stubbornly ordered, shutting down Treecko’s idea before he could pitch it. The poison began to slowly burn inside Jeff’s leg, causing the puncture wounds to swell out and ooze.

“Please, quickly think of something else!” Jeff urged, cringing. Treecko rubbed his chin in thought and then raised a finger in enlightenment.

Treecko quickly looked around at the ground for things he could use. He picked up a handful of small, red-speckled green leaves, a very thin, long reed, a wooden bowl from Jeff’s backpack, and a small rock. He threw the leaves into the bowl and began to grind them with the rock. He ground the leaves into a thick, white paste, added more leaves and repeated the process until there was a decent amount of paste in the bowl.

“What is that, some kind of antidote?” Jeff questioned, now beginning to see the bowl in double vision. His sight seemed to begin to amplify the light of the world; the midnight darkness began to seem more like dusk.

Treecko nodded and sucked the liquid into the straw-like reed, which he put in his mouth. He removed the reed from his mouth and put a finger over the end of the straw to ensure that the medicine wouldn’t drip out.

Jeff stared at Treecko nervously, who counted down with his fingers before he drove the reed into where the wounds were. He let go of the top of the reed and began to blow hard into the reed. Jeff grimaced as the substance entered his blood stream. He could feel the crudely made medicine compromise his poison-flooded blood. Treecko took the reed out of his leg and could see a mixture of blood, poison, pus, and medicine drip from the wounds. Lastly, he tied a leaf tightly around the wounds and folded his arms, proudly.

“I really don’t know how to thank you…I owe you two!” Jeff smiled, some color returning to his face. “If you keep saving me I could probably nominate you to get you knighted!” chuckled Jeff, weakly.

“Cko tree” Treecko said as he put up one finger, reminding Jeff that he saved his *ss from Wurmple, so therefore, only one.

Jeff smiled at this as he tried to get to his feet. Treecko held and supported Jeff’s wounded leg as he stood. Jeff fell back against a tree and slumped to the ground, unconscious. After what seemed to Jeff like ages, he awoke and struggled to sit upright. His arm and leg still seared with pain. He quickly looked around him, no Treecko in sight.

“Tree…Treecko?” Jeff called out in a raspy voice; his mouth was very dry.

“Cko? Treecko?” Jeff heard a voice reply from above him. Treecko stared down at Jeff from a branch of the tree, which Jeff slept against. It was still night so Jeff could only see the yellow glint of his eyes. Treecko hopped down the tree and, once again, helped Jeff stand. They began to slowly walk through the forest towards Jeff’s house, into the dark, misting forest. After a painstaking half hour, they finally reached the edge of Littleroot Town.

“Follow my lead,” Jeff advised weakly.

Jeff, followed by Treecko, passed Professor Birch’s lab; all but one light was off and it was closed for the night. They walked down the straight, dirt road towards Jeff’s house. By now the streetlights were off and the streets were deserted.

“Peaceful, isn’t it?” Jeff asked Treecko. Treecko remained silent and looked around, ponderously.

They walked up to a medium sized home with white panels and a black roof. Treecko helped Jeff up the stairs and Jeff withdrew a key from his pocket. He inserted the key stealthily into the slot and slowly clicked it open.

Jeff and Treecko walked quietly straight down the dark hall to his kitchen. Mud and leaves from their feet littered the hallway when they walked to the tiled kitchen. Jeff turned on a light and saw Tyrogue standing on top of the tiled counter, staring accusingly.

“Ty tyrogue rogue ro tyro!” Tyrogue reprimanded Jeff for being so late.

Jeff looked at the time on the stove and it was 2:34 AM.

“Sorry…I got held up,” Jeff explained, brandishing his scarred arm and wounded leg.

Tyrogue looked worried. “It’s nothing, really,” Jeff assured him.

Another pokemon entered from another room, to the left of Jeff and Treecko. The pokemon’s four legs walked from the hardwood floor to the white tile. It had light green skin and a bulb-like head. Protruding from the scalp of the head was a large, dark green broad leaf. The pokemon also had a necklace of buds, from one of the buds came a long green vine, which the pokemon used to scratch its tired eyes with.

“Chiko?” peeped the Chikorita with an obviously female voice. She looked over at Jeff and noticed the grass type in the shadows behind Jeff. Chikorita stared at the wood gecko, intrigued.

Tyrogue also saw Treecko, as well as Chikorita looking at the unfamiliar pokemon, and hopped down from the counter, parallel of Jeff and Treecko, fists raised and ready to fight.

“TYR!” He yelled as if yelling, “INTRUDER!”

Tyrogue ran towards Treecko, fists up. Treecko prepared to defend himself. Chikorita let out a vine whip from the darkness and restrained Tyrogue’s arms before he could attack Treecko.

“Settle down, man. Treecko here saved me twice. I brought him back here as a thanks. Tyrogue, why don’t you make us some sandwiches? You do owe me one after losing that arm wrestle last week…” Jeff grinned.

Chikorita released Tyrogue, who scowled and reluctantly opened the fridge, which was in the right corner of the kitchen, and took out supplies.

Treecko rechecked Jeff’s leg wound to make sure it wasn’t badly infected. As Treecko and Jeff were distracted, Tyrogue slipped a few extremely hot peppers into their sandwiches. He then walked over to the two and handed them a plate with two large sandwiches on it with an impish grin. Jeff thanked Tyrogue and the two dug into the food. To Tyrogue’s dismay, Jeff and Treecko were unmoved by the hot peppers.

“Hey Tyrogue, this is really good! I should beat you in an arm wrestle more often!” Jeff grinned as they finished up the food and left the kitchen.

Chikorita began to laugh at Tyrogue’s failed attempt at the prank. She was answered by a cold glare.

“Hey Treecko, I’m going to go up to the washroom to put some disinfectant on these wounds, feel free to get acquainted with Tyrogue and Chikorita,” Jeff clarified.

Treecko decided to hang about, solitary, in the hallway, deciding to keep to himself rather than branch out to the other two pokemon. Tyrogue walked up to Treecko and outstretched a hand. Treecko stared at the hand and then back up at Tyrogue.

“<Ok…anyways, my name is Tyrogue. It’s nice to meet Jeff’s two time savior,>” Tyrogue kidded himself through his teeth.

“<Uh huh, I’m Treecko,>” he replied, without enthusiasm. Tyrogue was taken aback by this attitude, but he still tried to pretend to be nice.

“<So you really saved Jeff twice, huh? He must really owe you,>” Tyrogue exclaimed, with a hidden agenda.

Chikorita eyed them from the kitchen.

Treecko shook his head. “<Well technically he saved me once so he only…’owes me’ one,>” he explained.

“<I guess he thought that this visit would make up for it, then,>” Tyrogue grinned.

“<What do you mean?>” Treecko questioned.

“<Well you just met Jeff, so you wouldn’t know…>” Tyrogue began, “<Jeff is a very proud guy, he can’t let a good favor towards him go unrewarded. He would feel as if it’s charity, which he finds insulting to receive,>” Tyrogue explained, twisting the truth.

Treecko began to think. “<…I thought he was being generous because he wanted to be friends,>” he said, beginning to question himself.

“<Well you’d think that…but really…no. Trust me, I’ve known Jeff for a long time, he hates owing people and hates even more to be owed,>” Tyrogue bluntly put it. Although Treecko didn’t know it, Tyrogue clearly didn’t want Treecko anywhere near him or Jeff… or Chikorita.

Treecko’s heart sunk. “<I shouldn’t be surprised…no one seems to really want me…>” he apathetically muttered.

Tyrogue patted his back. “<C’mon pal, don’t be so hard on yourself,>” Tyrogue feigned encouragement. “<My advice, get out of here before you accidentally save him again…or vice versa,>” Tyrogue muttered with a proud scowl.

Treecko began to walk towards the door, head dragging slightly. Chikorita glared at Tyrogue, who beamed happily back at her; his plan had worked! Jeff walked down the stairs beside them.

Treecko, hurt, began to exit the front door.

“You’re going now?” Jeff asked glumly.

Treecko nodded and began to walk outside. “Treecko tree,” he sadly thanked Jeff for the food.

“Here, let me walk with you to the edge of the forest,” Jeff offered.

In silence, the two walked down the steps and down the front walkway. The streetlights had been turned off so the road was dark. They turned left at the sidewalk and walked up the incredibly long road which stopped at the forest. All that could be heard was their light footsteps as well as the soft hums of Kricketots and the light wing beats of the occasional Zubat. As soon as they were out of sight, Tyrogue closed the door and smiled with a self-satisfied grin.

Chikorita looked menacingly at Tyrogue. “<That was pretty low, you jerk. What’s your problem with Treecko, anyways?>”

“<The minute I saw him, I hated the ugly *sshole, did you see the way he ignored me?>”

“<I guess I shouldn’t be surprised…his collected solitary attitude must be very threatening to your strong, alpha male masculinity…just like with Jeff and that Alan guy from down the street…>” Chikorita grinned slyly.

“<Cram it, Chikky!>” Tyrogue shot back.

“<Aw, did I strike a nerve?” Chikorita mocked. “<But seriously, why’d you have to go and do that? I liked him; I thought he was cool and cute and handsome and…>” Chikorita gazed off, starry eyed.

“<Well you can forget about the wedding bells, sis, because he ain’t coming back!>” Tyrogue smirked, evilly.

Jeff and Treecko had walked in silence the entire time until they reached the forest edge and stopped.

“We’ll meet again…” Jeff reassured. “I’ll try and meet you at your tree sometime.”

The two locked on each other’s eyes and nodded. Treecko slowly trudged off into the forest and Jeff limped back to his house.

After five minutes of walking, Jeff turned his head back and looked at the forest. He saw a brief flash of light in the forest as he turned his head back forward.

“What was that?!” he asked himself, double taking. “Was that… nah, it couldn’t have been little Treecko. Must’ve been another pokemon… maybe I’m still woozy from the blood loss. Now that I think of it… I’m exhausted.”

He walked up his steps and collapsed on the porch, slumped against the metal railing.

He stared off into space until he saw Professor Birch proudly march by him, a pokeball in hand.

“Hello there, Jeff!” greeted Professor Birch, smugly.

“Hey there, Professssss…” Jeff fell on his back, falling into sleep. When Professor Birch galumphed off, Jeff stared up at the stars and finally fell asleep on the hard, wooded porch.

Tyrogue opened the door and found Jeff wiped out. He dragged Jeff inside and placed him on a couch in the living room, to the left of hallway. Jeff went to the hospital in the morning, as well as to visit that old tree. Little did he know, he would be very disappointed.

4 Months Ago

“I can’t believe it!” Jeff grunted, punching air in a martial arts stance: one foot forward and one foot sideways. “Do you think he just upped and left?”

“Rogue, tyrooo tyrogue!” Tyrogue shrugged and urged Jeff to focus.

Tyrogue, who belonged to Jeff’s family, tutored Jeff in the martial arts as well as training. Every second day they would work out and body build every muscle. Every other day would be for the training of various basic and complex martial arts.
This was in anticipation for beginning his rough journey.

The lights were turned off and it was night time; they were practicing fighting in the dark. This helped to improve the awareness of the senses other than sight. Jeff stepped forwards towards Tyrogue, who aimed a punch for his face. Jeff deflected the punch with his left and landed a punch of his own with his right. Tyrogue was thrown backwards, but used the momentum from the force to land on his hand and bounce back at Jeff, feet first. Jeff flew backwards and landed on the practice mat, in a room similar to a small gym.

Jeff got to his feet and wiped the blood from his lip. He stepped forwards, ready for more. Tyrogue turned on the lights, raised a thumb, and pointed with it behind them, indicating that they should have a break.

“You’re sure growing strong… I wouldn’t be surprised if you evolved soon,” Jeff complimented. He looked down, a lot on his mind. Mostly he thought about how Treecko disappeared or how he was ignoring him. He wondered if he did something wrong when Treecko came to his house. Maybe he simply hated him.

Jeff walked over to the side of the room and poured water on himself.

“I’ve been going to that tree twice a week for the past eight months; he wasn’t there each of the times. I’ve tried everything! I’ve even searched the entire forest with a Pidgey that I borrowed from Professor Birch. Did I say something wrong? Maybe he found a new home or maybe he’s…no! He’s around, he’s just out!” Jeff complained, in denial.

Tyrogue looked down, guiltily. He was upset at himself for having ruined Jeff’s friendship with the pokemon, as much as he hated that Treecko. Tyrogue gave him a light punch of encouragement with the words. “Tyr-ro-rogue, tyro,” he said, trying to be optimistic.

The two went down to the kitchen to add ice to their cuts. Jeff didn’t mind the pain of the sparring. The pain gave him adrenaline, which kept him wanting to fight more. The training was good for both Tyrogue and Jeff. They entered the kitchen and Jeff opened the freezer, since Tyrogue was much too short. He threw a bag of ice to Tyrogue, who looked at the back. The glass door at the back of the kitchen led to their nature-ridden, small backyard.

“Rogue ty tyro?” Tyrogue asked as he splashed water on his face. Tyrogue held up three pictures that he found strewn on the counter. On them were the three possible starting pokemon for Littleroot Town. On the first picture was the familiar lizard-like face of Treecko. The second had an orange chick-like pokemon known as Torchic. The third was a picture of Mudkip, a blue quadruped mudfish pokemon. Jeff probably would have been able to tell what Tyrogue was saying without the reiteration. This was because he has been around and that they have been such good friends that Tyrogue was pretty much like a human.

“Treecko…” Jeff mumbled, “I don’t know about it, anymore. At this point it could be just about any of them!” he explained, contemplating the options. He hopped up on the counter next to Tyrogue and began to think. He pictured three different scenarios in his mind. In each he thought of leaving the lab with each starter and compared what each one would be like. The Mudkip seemed like it would be the most fun to journey with. Jeff could see it hopping around him, all excited and happy. He then thought of Torchic. He pictured the Torchic being very affectionate towards him. With it Jeff would never feel lonely. But Jeff kept coming around to Treecko. He didn’t imagine Treecko being fun or loving… the wood gecko was just there, walking beside him calmly. He didn’t know why he, or anyone, would choose Treecko over the others… and perhaps they didn’t. But Jeff couldn’t see himself traveling with any pokemon other than Treecko. It just didn’t fit. Jeff may not have much of a choice in the matter anyways… it all depends who gets who first.

Before taking a drink of water, Jeff exclaimed, “I think I know who I want to choose…”

As Jeff downed an entire glass of water in one gulp he noticed something moving outside. Tyrogue saw this too and ran to the door, followed by Jeff. They opened the glass door and looked outside.

“Tyrogue? Ro! Tyyy!” called out the pokemon, calling out for them to show themselves. There was no reply. Jeff saw movement in the tree and then something bound from the branch to over a fence and away. Jeff shoved through Tyrogue and ran over to the wooden fence. He jumped up and supported himself with his arms, looking around the backyard behind him. After scanning the area for minutes, and closing his eyes to hear better, Jeff jumped down and trudged back inside with Tyrogue.

“<It was probably just a Pidgey,>” muttered Tyrogue.

Jeff sensed that something was at the glass door, behind him. But, he quickly turned around, saw nothing and heard a light scampering.

“Yeah, it was probably a Pidgey,” mumbled Jeff, disappointed.

The two wobbled off to their respective beds and fell asleep. Jeff had still dreamed of seeing that Treecko again, but his quest for going out of his way to look for him was over.
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