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Originally Posted by R.F. View Post
I don't care what's build into my Laptop. I buy it and hope that it simply works xD

Of course that means I'm getting into trouble really fast. For example the last Linux update destroyed my Bumblebee setup (again) which is mainly caused by NVIDIA (again). I know they make good graphics cards but their whole NVIDIA Optimus stuff and the newest driver getting in conflict with the newest Linux kernel only get me to hate them more and more (especially since propably 99% of my trouble in the past was caused by NVIDIA stuff; did I mention that I hate NVIDIA? xD).

I know some things about programming, but my main problem is that I'm not good at thinking logical ^^"
I think your life would be easier if you had picked an operating system that works well with the hardware in question. Linux and NVIDIA Optimus tend to not be the best partners around. If you have NVIDIA Optimus, it's best to stick to running Windows, and leave Linux and other OSes on a VM.

NVIDIA is at fault here, though - I do remember Linus Torvalds being mad at them, even dropping the f-bomb in an interview or something about NVIDIA Optimus.

I don't have much luck trying to install Linux distributions on my laptop, either. Either some weird thing doesn't work, it never gets registered in the bootloader, or the laptop display backlight is turned off by the OS during setup. I ended up relegating Linux to Hyper-V VMs (seeing as I'm running Windows 8 Pro right now).