Thread: 4th Gen Favorite Rotom Forme?
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My favorite's gotta be Rotom-Wash. It has a decent-looking design, a nice type-combination, and is used more frequently in the metagame. In Platinum, I used to have Rotom-W with Substitute, Pain Split, Thunderbolt, and Hydro Pump; it made a great tank. As soon as I sent it out on the field, I would immediately use Substitute and hide itself. Then, I'd recover some of its health with Pain Split and finish off the opponent's Pokémon with either Thunderbolt or Hydro Pump. d: I later transfered this Rotom to Pokémon Black. When PokéBank gets released later this month, I will migrate it to my Y version. Other than Wash, I also like Rotom-Mow. Frost is my favorite as well.
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