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    NAIT the TWILI
    Hyrule Field

    Chapter One: Part One
    Master of Disguise

    The scent of milk teased Nait's senses, though he resisted it and kept moving forward. There's no time to slow down. His amber-orange gaze shifted to the sky. The sun was setting. It would be maybe an hour before monsters came out. Sure, he could simply transport to where he wanted to go, but where was the fun in that? It was wasted magic in his opinion. As the black cat perched on the fence, he gave the entirety of the fields one last glance. Lush greens, crystal waters, and towering landscapes. All of them looked beautiful under the setting sun. Seeing no need to stay here, the cat leapt down from the fence, and into Lon Lon Ranch.

    "Oh, you're back kitty?" the familiar red-headed woman spoke to him with a welcoming voice. Nait purred and walked straight to her, brushing his head against her ankles and receiving some pleasant rubbing between his ears. "Want some milk, don't ya?" Nait purred in response and sat in place. "Okay, I'll be back in a second with some nice milk for you." Nait waited patiently and, sure enough, she returned with a bowl full of milk and a cheery smile. She paused a moment, holding the bowl just out of Nait's reach. "Hmm... Come, drink inside. I've got a fire going, you know." Nait's purring erupted to three times the volume, causing a small laugh from the woman. "You're a smart kitty. Come on in," she spoke as she opened the door, letting Nait in first.