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    Outside the Gerudo Valley
    Mirror was tucking away the kerchief in a pouch on her belt, with Thorn considerably sobered and dried, when she spotted a figure approaching on the horizon. Not many would dare to approach the Gerudo, unless it wasn't common knowledge that non-Gerudo or non-Twili weren't accepted in its valley. There was the possibility that it was headed for the tent itself, but she wasn't aware of any news leaving it confines, nor anybody with particularly good sight or foresight to be able to know of its presence from afar. A chance traveler was also a likely option, as she'd stumbled onto many a resting places without expecting them. Sometimes they were occupied by friendly fellows, and other times they were occupied by things with a little more slashing, stabbing, or bludgeoning in mind.

    She was mentally rambling again, just as some story spilled from Thorn's mouth about enjoying having a servant, and stopped both by placing a finger to the fairy's lips while narrowing her eyes against the shroud of night. Given her race, darkness was no obstruction, but magnifying her gaze was more of a concern, to get a better image of the approaching figure. Though there were magics to disguise oneself, and she was an avid practitioner of such, she doubted the Gerudo would leave such a lack of defenses at the single entry point to their home, leaving a massive gap in security. It was why she'd presented herself to them as she was, instead of hiding behind a name.

    The crimson cloak that hung over the short figure's shoulders was the most obvious feature, but its weight didn't seem to fill out around her form as a well-fitted one would. Rather, this thing's limbs seemed to be rather scrawny as she approached, and the veil of shadows that hung over her - Mirror deduced from what she saw next - face was provided by a hood that would slip off under duress. Her eyes piercing the shadows, Mirror saw what seemed to be the face of a young woman. A very young woman, in fact, who had not yet reached the beginning of womanhood and whose cheeks lacked any chub of childhood. Even her eyes lacked the sparkle, instead marked by dark rings.

    By Midna's Flaming Knickers, she needed to help this child! Mirror gave Thorn a look that told her not to interfere for the moment, before she moved a hand over her own face, pretending to brush aside a stray lock of hair when she was, in fact, changing her appearance to one that the girl would better be able to trust. Her skin shifted to the fair white with pink cheeks of a Hylian, while her eyes changed to sapphire and her hair shifted from flaming ginger to a silky shade of black.In that small movement, she had practically changed from a Twili to a fairly motherly-looking, but still young enough to be a teenager, Hylian.

    Mirror gasped just audibly enough for the girl to hear, before she waved her over urgently and called out with an invitation. "Goodness, look at you!" She announced, her tone panicked and less measured than her true thoughts, but with the same general intent. "Come over here, quickly, before anything comes out of the sand!" The 'Hylian teen' urged, as she unclipped a bulging waterskin from her belt with the intent to hand it over to this wandering young girl.