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    Nadia inched forward silently, her confidence managing to build up bit by bit as she got even closer to the stranger. She sped up just an iota when she heard a gasp escape from the figure. It suddenly began to wave as if encouraging her to run up to it. Why did it want some random child to come over? Was it even safe? "Goodness, look at you!" the figure said worriedly, its voice now confirming it was a woman. Odd, her energy doesn't feel as fearful as her voice sounds, Nadia thought. Should I trust her? "Come over here, quickly, before anything comes out of the sand!" the woman exclaimed. Nadia had almost completely forgotten about the other things that could potentially try to harm her. The stalchildren and poes and all those other miserable creatures.

    Nadia decided to oblige to the stranger's request and walked faster, noticing that the woman looked almost scarily similar to herself. Pale skin, black hair, blue eyes; the only difference being that Nadia's eyes were a lighter blue and not the sparkly sapphire blue of this woman. I have to be careful, Nadia thought, her skin heating up as she started to warm her body and prepare to build up fire in case this ended up being a sort of trick. Luckily for her, she was already quite warm to begin with. Long walks did that sort of thing. Nadia's eyes flickered to another woman next to the one she had first noticed, only this one was tiny and had wings! A fairy, one with bright purple eyes and light colored hair. Nadia didn't really know anything at all about fairies. It wasn't too often that she saw one. In fact, the last time she had seen any fairies had been when she snuck into the woods and saw some children in green, and they had all been accompanied by fairies. They always were.

    The long shadow of an owl glided across the ground in front of Nadia. The sun was even closer to setting and it would likely be dark all around before a half hour passed. Nadia stopped walking when she stood about one yard away from the woman. She studied her for a bit and telepathically spoke into her head. "If I find out this is some kind of trick," she started, turning her relaxed face to the fairy in order to get a good look at her, "I'll burn your fairy." To anyone other than the Hylian woman with the tent, it would have looked like Nadia was just awkwardly staring them down.

    Nadia started to feel other presences besides herself and the two women, but she didn't want to interrupt herself just to try and seek out those energies. Besides, she already took aim at what they might be. They were the monsters that appeared on this field every night. They would not come out right at this very moment, as there was still just a glimmer of sunlight, but they were approaching anyhow and they were approaching fast. Nadia's knees began to lightly tremble and she knew that she couldn't take walking and creating a potential forest fire inside her body much longer.
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