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    Outside Of Castle Town's Gates
    Diceon ran back from the Goron with a fearful expression on his face. The Rock's angered voice echoed throughout the night of the open field, causing Diceon to tremble out of fear for his own safety. There must have been some sort of mistake. Rocks can't talk for one... He hadn't assaulted anyone and he surely didn't want to face this Rock alone. The creature swung its arm with intense power, strong enough to have knocked him out cold and give concussions. Although the attack missed, the force behind it threw Diceon off balance onto his rear. The rockman stood and Yelled even louder than before, installing even more fright into Diceon.

    "Listen here, laddy. Those so-called 'guards' are RUDDY FOOLS!" the Goron said, raising his voice on his last two words, and seeming at least a little bit calmer.

    "I'll forgive ye' for poking me with your little chicken foot." the Rockman added to Diceon's relief, although the sight of the Goron's pointed finger brought him some discomfort. Diceon revealed his hidden face to allow for him to speak.

    "They won't even let you have a NICE DRINK OF ALE!" The Goron said, putting emphasis on his last words again. "I don't suggest goin' in there."

    Diceon assumed that he was talking about the guards and laughed with relief but also with sympathy. He relaxed his posture and stood up to face the Goron.

    "Sorry to hear that, they can be a pain, especially when a fellow means to just have a few drinks and let back for a few. My name is Diceon and you are....?" Diceon asked, looking at the Rockman curiously never before seeing anything like him although he had heard that there were a wide variety of people in Hyrule other than Hylians.