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Kamui Ozora - Dreams Do Come True

Fascinating. This strange creature I have just encountered is really a Twili. This is great! Now I can discover the Twili's history & heritage. First thing's first though, she wanted to leave this lab. To be honest, I didn't wanna go near that lake, but I suppose, suppose, any place is better than the stench I'm smelling here.

When I stepped out with my stuff, I noticed the time of day. I don't really care about that right now though. What really mattered to me was learning about the Twili. Finally, I can study this fantastic specimen.

I looked around the area, avoiding my gaze at the water. Where did she say we were going? I don't quite remember. "So, where to again?" I asked the Twili- Y'know, I should really ask her name soon. Everyone's gotta have a name.

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