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    MAJOR UPDATE: I have added roughly 36 events from DJ's Giveaway to my thread. You will notice that more Pokemon now say (Legit and some have more than one. I can only trade these if your events you offer are legit ONLY. If your events are not legit please do not ask for these events as some of these are quite rare. The events I have added are Wish Pichu's Wish Bagon's Wish Ralts's PCJP events Wish Chansey's Wish Exeggcut's RED Farfetch'd's Wish Absol's 2 GCA Roselia's thare NOT FOR TRADE. PCNYSalamence's PCNY Duskull PCNY Zangoose PCNY Absol and more are coming soon. Remember I will only trade these if your events are legit.

    EDIT: Guys I have bad news the person who is giving me these events has asked me not to trade them at anytime. These events will be PERMA NOT FOR TRADE. Sorry guys.
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