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    Hi everyone! Most of people wanted to play a DIGIMON game in GBA format so i wanted to make an amazing Hack for a Pokemon rom and i started my rom hacking with spriting because im already a spriter and made about 302 DIGIMON Sprites in 64x64 Pixel and 16-color and some OW and trainer sprites but I've done all that alone and i made all of that sitting on my PC for about 7 hours a day so i became so tired and i needed some help but i couldn't find any one to help me from my friends or neighbors so if you liked the idea of making a Digimon rom you can join my team.

    Hack Info

    Name: Digimon Moon Version
    Percentage completed: about 25% just the sprites :D

    Plot/Story V.1
    You live in a world which Humans and Digimon lives in peace.
    As you choose if you want to be a Boy/Girl teenager and you hear in your TV that there is
    a championship and you wanted to enter it so you slept that day and went the next day to the championship officer and you choosed your Favorite digimon (AGUMON)
    Note: you cant choose another Digimon you must get (Agumon) i mean any other digimon is not optional, then you battle Tamers (like trainers in Pokemon) you first start as bronze tamer then silver then gold and finally a platinum tamer after you become a platinum tamer you goto the semi finals and then the finals and you win the champion.

    Plot/Story V.2:
    After you win the championship 7 great powerfull evil Digimon appears and they want to destroy the world because they dont want humans and Digimon to live together peacfully and you must defeat them and they are really strong and power full they are those digimon :
    Lucemon :







    And their boss:
    Lucemon Satan Mode:

    and you must defeat them all then you beat the game of course that a summarized story line.

    Current Poor Team:
    ADLFM14(Me) ---->Spriter,scripter,text editor and some others.

    What we need:
    1)Very Good Scripter
    3)Another Spriter to help me.
    4)Map tiler or someone who knows where to bring good tiles.
    5)Music Editor
    6)Beta Tester to check the errors in the game.

    Application Form:
    Name: (Username to use for credits of game)
    Skill(s): (Mapping, Scripting, Spriting, etc)
    Main role:
    Proof: (What have you done before or post a link for what you have made)
    Contact Information: (E-mail, MSN, Yahoo Or Skype )
    Time Zone: (So I know who can work when, and if I can get hold of someone)
    Other: (Add anything else you feel is relevant here)

    Some Sprites For The Hack:
    Digimon Sprites:

    Tamer Sprites:

    All these sprites are drawn be me
    Thanks so much for checking this out
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    Hacking Ruby Title Screen Completely Step By Step ;)
    How To Insert An OW Sprite In NSE Classic Step By Step.:cross-eye
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