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    author's drabble - things start and things end, and isn't it lovely in theory, but i could never be i could never be ready

    3.1. fear and love and loathing.
    part i

    mel’s p.o.v.

    Mel hadn’t known before what an Aura Sphere to the chest felt like, and he wished that he’d continued through his life with that ignorance. It was like a punch directly to the soul, and the fist corkscrewed and did figure eights too. He woke up with that corkscrew-eight feeling and blinked into bright lights before awareness hit him. He felt the IV jammed into his wrist and heard the consistent beeping of a heart monitor, plus the strong smell of antiseptic in the air. It was a good thing he was already in a hospital room, because he started hyperventilating.

    A nurse rushed in and injected something into the IV bag that didn’t quite make him fall asleep, but it did make him feel a little dopey. “What’s happened?” he asked.

    “I’m not sure,” she replied with a shrug, checking some readings. “Two Trainers brought you and your sister in.”

    “My— Where is Linda? Where is my sister?”

    “She’s down the hall— Don’t get up!” she protested as he swung his feet to the floor. She pushed him back easily but that didn’t stop him from trying again.

    “I want— I want my sister. I want my sister now.”

    “Okay, okay, we’ll move her in this room with you, but don’t try to get up again, or else your wounds will reopen.” As soon as she left he moved again, rising on shaky legs. His mind wasn’t in top condition, but he kept a perfect recollection of their total defeat at the paws of Orville’s Lucario. Except they weren’t totally defeated—if that was the case, then he wouldn’t be waking up in a hospital still alive. His memory cut off as him and Mew returned to the mountains though, so what happened in that in-between period of time? Since he didn’t see Mew, he hoped Linda would have answers.

    “I can’t wait for them,” he decided, working on moving forward even though his legs felt like they’d been smashed by sledgehammers. “I’ve got to find he—” His body had a better idea, though, and instead he fell over, thankfully back on the bed instead of on his face. Suddenly his thoughts went to Giratina, if he was the one that saved them. It seemed highly unlikely—more than that, it seemed downright impossible. All Giratina did was threaten him and insult him and… It’s not like I did any better to him, Mel thought sourly. If it turned out Giratina did, in fact, save his butt, he owed the Pokémon one sincere “thank you.”

    Two doctors came wheeling a bed in. When they were placed side to side he met eyes with Linda, who immediately started crying. He put his arms around her, pulling her close, and she clung to his shirt. The doctors worked quickly and quietly to get her hooked up again before leaving. “K-Koko,” she managed, her voice hoarse.

    “What happened to her?” he asked quietly.

    “P-Pokémon Center, it’s connected to the hospital. She’s down there, t-they said her fire’s burning so low, she might not m-m-make it…”

    “They’re lying. They gotta be. She doesn’t use fire for it to be burning out like that.” She looked up then, her eyes sad.

    “You don’t know what happened.” He waited but she didn’t continue.

    “…Well? I really want to know.” She pulled away from him and wrapped her arms around herself.

    “Do you remember the Lucario?”

    “Painfully so.”

    “He knocked out you and Mew, and Giratina wasn’t in a state to fight, so Koko was the only one left. But… But she couldn’t fight him either, and she was dying, so Giratina covered her in fire, like from a Fire Stone, and she evolved.” Okay, so he did owe the bastard something.

    “That’s good, isn’t it?” She shook her head slowly.

    “She beat the Lucario, but she used too much fire, since she couldn’t control it, and I passed out, but I guess that she kept using it until there was barely any l-left…"

    Mel honestly couldn’t imagine getting by without Koko. Sure, she was like a little stray rat when Linda first found her, but she grew on him after a while. She was the one that made him go outside more often when they were younger, and even if it made him sicker at first, eventually it started doing him good, so he owed part of his health to her. He also knew how devastated Linda would be if she died, and that was something he would keep at bay with all his strength.

    “Is Mew down there with her?” He doubted it even as he said it. He assumed that if Mew, of all Pokémon, was found, there would be a huge scene.

    “I don’t…I don’t know… Maybe? If she is, she doesn’t look like Mew.”

    “What about Giratina? He can’t transform, can he?”

    “I didn’t hear anything about him.” She closed her eyes for a moment, inhaling deeply.

    “…When we left home back then—even though it’s not all that long ago—I didn’t think we’d be caught in the middle of all of this muk,” he said slowly when she remained quiet. “It’s my fault that we’re in this situation in the first place. I should’ve stayed home, huh?” he said with a dry smile. She gave him a hard look.

    “It was both of us,” she corrected. “Me for being…like this, and you for leaving. There’s no single blame. This is just a…sucky situation all around.” She rolled on her back unconsciously and gave a cry of pain, going back on her side. Mel touched her arm in warning before he grabbed the hem of the hospital dress and pulled it up.

    “Arceus, Linda,” he breathed, eyes widening at the red-speckled bandages crisscrossing her torso.

    “It’s okay,” she muttered. “You’re the ones that were hit by Lucario—you all have worse injuries.”

    “But that doesn’t make your injuries any less bad. Worry about yourself some more, please?” She tensed slightly, then let out a low breath.

    “I know…” She still cried silently, and Mel held onto her until she finally went to sleep. When he was sure that she was gone, he carefully detached himself from her and sat up. Glancing around, he saw his clothes folded neatly on a countertop across the room adjacent to a sink. He slid back until he could stand, his legs still shaking beneath him, but seeing Linda had given him a new resolve, and he managed to move forward without falling on the bed, or worst case scenario, his face. (Although he was already in a hospital and breaking his nose wouldn’t mean much in the face of his probably broken ribcage.)

    He made it to the counter and slowly stripped off the hospital’s clothes, replacing them with his hoodie and jeans. They were still pretty battered, but a Trainer was nothing without some scuff marks, right? He also found an extra, larger jacket and boots for the cold weather. He clipped his belt around his waist and stared at the empty hole where Shady’s pokéball belonged. Taking a deep breath to steel his resolve, he laced up his sneakers and walked out the door.

    It has to be the same place—now, if he’s in the same room, then this should be quick. I should get back before Linda wakes up and sees me missing. Actually, I have to get Koko back too, so it might take longer…

    He didn’t see any nurses roaming the halls but was quiet anyway, creeping along the wall with one hand braced against the textured white paint in case he fell as he slunk towards the elevator. He pushed the button, and every waiting second felt like an hour until the doors finally pinged open. He stepped inside to join a slightly older boy with thin blond hair and sort of a dazed expression, like his mind was in two thousand places at once. The doors shut and the elevator started moving with not even stupid music to fill the silence.

    “…What are you in for?” Mel asked after a moment.

    “Accident,” he responded tonelessly. “You?”

    “Same thing.” The doors pinged again on Mel’s floor and he stepped off, giving one backwards glance to the boy behind him as he headed up the hall. The boy provided a weak wave before the doors shut.

    Orville’s door was slightly ajar from when they broke in earlier. Mel was surprised—it felt like a fair amount of time had passed since then and somebody should’ve rectified that. Or maybe Mew left some sort of influence there. Whatever the case, he found he didn’t have much left to lose by walking in.

    Orville was sitting up, awake, whereas he was asleep earlier. Something about him still seemed off though, like he was a zombie or something. Though it sort of made sense when he considered that Giratina was essentially killing him the longer he spent there. “Who are you?” he demanded, voice rough.

    “That’s not important.”

    “I say it is, and I hate repeating myself, so I’ll say it one more time: Who the hell are you?” Mel wanted to point out that that wasn’t what he said the first time, but he knew that he didn’t have the time or energy to mess around and so jumped to the point.

    “You don’t remember anything that happened to you before you woke up here?” Orville glared for a moment before shaking his head, never breaking eye contact. “Well that makes things harder…” He trailed off as he spotted a bit of red and white under the bed. He ducked down despite Orville’s complaints and grabbed the pokéball. He just made it back to standing position when he was seized by his collar and brought into the older man’s face.

    “You’re gonna let go of that pokéball,” he growled, eyes narrowed in fury. “Now.” Mel knew that he should’ve been scared, but somehow Orville’s actual anger seemed weak after dealing with Giratina’s for so long and he was barely fazed.

    “You must be insane, because this is—” He stopped and looked closer at the ball, and realized that while Shady’s was still pretty new, the one he was holding was full of nicks and scratches. “Oh, my mistake.”

    “You’re damn right it’s your mistake!” He dropped Mel and snatched the ball away, holding it carefully like it was made of glass. “And if you don’t tell me who you are in two seconds, I’ll call security,” he warned.

    “I’ll tell you who you are. You’re Orville, and you’ve done a lot of crime, and now you’re awake in an entirely different region with no memory of how you got here.” Orville froze for a moment before recovering, jaw clenched. “And around here, I’m the only person that can tell you how,” Mel continued, “so you’re not going to get me kicked out. At least, it wouldn’t be smart to do so, and you look like a pretty smart guy.”

    “What do you want?” he said after a moment, practically growling through his teeth. “I’m sure you’re not going to tell everything to me for free.” Wow, Giratina really did pick well with this guy—he’s even more of a bastard than him, Mel thought with a wry expression, rolling his eyes.

    “Look, I’m here because we need you for Giratina to possess. Shut up,” he said as Orville opened his mouth, “and just let me finish.” He grabbed the T.V. remote from a side table and turned it on. It took a bit of flipping, but after a while he found a news channel still talking about the damage in Kalos. Orville watched for a while, his expression still hard, before shrugging a shoulder.

    “What’s this got to do with anything?”

    “You see the headline there, at the bottom?”

    “Yeah, uh… ‘Giratina and Zygarde’s clash in Kalos’? And you said you and…whoever…need Giratina to possess me?” Mel nodded in response.

    “The thing that allowed Zygarde to come into this world is a major problem,” he explained. “Giratina is the one that’s supposed to fix it, but it can’t go around inconspicuously without a body—that’s where you come in. Supposedly, Giratina can possess anyone, but it’s easier for someone closer to it in personality. Well, in short, we need you.”

    “I don’t know if you’re blind or what, kid, but as you can see, I’m not in mobile condition.” He pointed out the IVs going into his arm and the bandages around his head and broken leg. “And besides, I’m not trying to go roaming around carelessly. There are people that’ll hate seeing my face.”

    “Coincidentally, I’m one of those people, but look: we don’t have any backups. It’s you that stands between a normal tomorrow and no tomorrow period. No pressure though.” He scoffed, dark eyes narrowed a little, but there was no negativity in his expression as he looked off, just weariness.

    “I’m not a hero, kid—never have been. I’m just lucky to be here and not still in that cell…” He suddenly jolted, grasping his head first, then his chest, right above his heart. “Oh… Oh wow, Arceus, this is something else.”

    “What? What happened?” Orville chuckled bitterly, letting his eyes shut as he leaned back against the headboard.

    “I remember that I should’ve died, that I cut my throat with my own two hands,” he said matter-of-factly. “Because I’d rather have died than spent the rest of my life locked up for my so-called crime. And now I’m here, because a legendary pokémon needs me to handle their extra-paranormal muk. I don’t think I’ve ever been this useful, nor wanted, in my life. God…” He fell silent after a moment, but as his eyes were still slightly open, Mel knew he wasn’t asleep. But he also knew that he wasn’t going to get any help from the guy either.

    “Thanks for nothing then,” he said after a moment, turning around. “No need to save the world you live in after all, I guess.”

    “I just said I’m not a hero.” Then, “Why don’t you do it, huh? If all Giratina needs is a bastard, you seem to fit the bill pretty well from where I’m lying.”


    The pokémon center was a ground-level building attached to the hospital, probably so Trainers injured in the heat of battle could still get to their pokémon as soon as they recovered. He was about to walk into the lobby of the hospital before he remembered his situation: he and Linda had been found with Giratina and Mew, two iconic and infamous legendary pokémon. Surely that would cause him a fair deal of attention, and he couldn’t stand the thought of it. He ducked, and instead of cutting straight through the lobby he took a side hall that went past the bathrooms and went towards a staff exit. It was a smart decision, because as he passed into the alley between the two buildings, he spotted a growing group of excited Trainers and reporters stationed in front of the hospital.

    “Never thought I’d be famous,” he muttered, awestruck, as he leaned against the wall to catch his breath. His healing ribcage throbbed consistently and he was getting a growing spot of pain on his leg, making it hard to walk without an obvious limp. He pushed away from the wall only to sink down to his behind on the stained concrete, clenching his aching sides. “Ugh, not…not gonna…get any father… Should’ve stayed there, should’ve stayed with Linda…”

    Don’t be a quitter, Melchior!

    “I hate that—” He broke off, eyes wide, as his head whipped from side to side, searching for the speaker. A soft scuttling brought his attention to the ground as something ran from the direction of the pokémon center—a pikachu. It wasn’t until the pikachu beamed at him that he recognized it. “Mew?”

    In disguise, it elaborated. As it came closer, its tail and ears wilted. I wish Giratina would’ve had the same ability, however.

    “What— Where is he? Was he captured?” Mew nodded solemnly.

    I didn’t see the Trainer, or at least I don’t remember the face, but I did see the pokéball activate.

    “What are we going to do?” he groaned.

    For now… Nothing. Its response surprised him, bringing his eyes to it as it stared back at him. Legendaries get captured all the time—it’s not as big a deal as you imagine it to be. The anomalies can be resolved with or without him: it’s just a matter of removing Linda’s psychic abilities and they should cease.


    Why do you sound disappointed? You two have never gotten along.

    “I know, but…” Giratina had saved his life a few times now, plus Linda’s and Koko’s—it would’ve been utterly careless of him not to start to like the creep in some way. He forgot that Mew could read thoughts, because the expression it made was cringeworthy. “No, I don’t mean—”

    Giratina’s made a friend! it exclaimed mentally, looking as if it would take off flying. Arceus wouldn’t believe it—oh, Palkia would gain a rune in surprise—

    “Oi, Mew,” he called to get its rapidly descending attention. “I get that we don’t need Giratina to succeed, but I kind of owe him for saving my ass, okay? I’d like to repay the favor.”

    Not that I can help. As I’ve said, I don’t know where it is, it said dismally. However, if you speak to the Trainers that it met, maybe they have it, or at least they’ll know who does.

    “Then we’ll go find them,” he decided, bracing himself before rising to his feet with the help of the wall.

    You can’t! Mew protested. The anomalies, remember?

    “It’s fine, we’ll just split up: you and I will go find Giratina, and Linda and Koko will—” He stopped and looked towards the pokémon center again. “Koko… Mew, you just came from the pokémon center, didn’t you?”

    Yes, I did. Its sudden monotone caused his heart to drop to his feet.

    “Koko… How is she?” Mew didn’t respond immediately, walking over to the end of the alley and looking around the street. Then it turned around, yellow fur shifting to pink as it went, and by the time it buried itself in Mel’s chest it was in normal form. He felt more than saw it shake its head, and that was all he needed.
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