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    author's drabble - bring on the fudging angst

    3.2. fear and love and loathing.
    part ii

    mel’s p.o.v.

    “In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread, till thou return unto the ground; for out of it wast thou taken: for dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return.”

    His thoughts wandered as he sat, hunched, in the slick leather chair of the pokémon center, hood drawn far over his head. Mew was a Pikachu again, curled in his lap with his hands on her stomach. The warmth was comforting, but only slightly.

    “Excuse me?” He looked up into the sympathetic eyes of a Nurse Joy. “Are you Melchior, Trainer ID# 00049?” He nodded and stood.

    “How is she?” he asked even as he knew the answer.

    “Not doing well. Follow me.” She led him down a long hall of recovery rooms. Some pokémon were practically back to normal, messing around with their Trainers, but others were encased in so much life support they looked otherworldly. “Did she evolve too quickly?”

    “No… I mean, I don’t know… Why?”

    “She has little control over her fire. Because of that, she’s emitting it constantly, and even though arcanine have the greatest fire-making abilities of many fire-types, she’s quickly wearing herself down. The stress of making and replacing flames is building up more and more by the second. She’s going to burn out, and soon.”

    “Isn’t there anything you guys can do?” he pleaded. She frowned and shook her head softly.

    “We’ve tried, but it didn’t help that her body was battered to begin with.” He thought of that Lucario and grimaced.

    “How long is Koko still gonna be here?” he asked quietly.

    “A few days, a week at best, but if I were you, I’d get my final words out of the way as soon as possible.” They stopped outside a door as plain as the rest and Nurse Joy rested a comforting hand on his shoulder. “I’m sorry,” she said with genuine sympathy before turning away. His hands itched as he grasped the handle, and it was a herculean effort to open the door. When he did, he didn’t even want to look, didn’t want to see Koko in whatever condition she was in.


    He saw her half-curled on one of those flat beds designed for canine pokémon, her face in her paws before she noticed him coming in. There was a heart monitor next to her that was moving slower than it ought to have been, and a second one that measured her temperature, which was low by human standards, let alone arcanine standards. “Well,” he started softly, a wry smile on his face, “you went and disobeyed, Koko.”


    “You weren’t supposed to evolve, you know.”

    “Nine,” she murmured remorsefully. He took a step forward, then another, and another as his legs shook from the pain and now also from his emotional agony, until he was close enough to bury his hand in her head fur. She hummed under his touch.

    “You did it to save us, and I don’t know if you knew the risks then or not, but either way, you’re paying for it now.” Paying all the way to Hell. “Thanks. I owe you a lot more than I can give.”

    “Arcanine,” she said with a little smirk, which he took to mean ‘Don’t mention it.’

    “I’m sorry that you have to die for my sorry ass. Arceus, Linda’s gonna break after this,” he lamented. Koko whined at her name, shutting her eyes. He pressed the base of his palms into his eyes and detected some wetness there. It surprised him to realize that he wasn’t just crying for Linda’s sake, but for Koko as well. “You’ve really grown on me, you know? I’m gonna miss you…Arceus, I’m gonna miss you…”

    “Arc…” His weak legs finally gave out and he fell to his knees, gripping the edge of the mattress with wobbly arms.

    “This is all just psyducked up!” he exclaimed. “Just freaking screwed…” He reached out and cradled her head in his arms, leaning against her. “I shouldn’t care this much that you’re dying, and it’s mean, I know, but I shouldn’t. I wouldn’t care this much if it was Shady, I know that, but since it’s you…”


    “Y-You made me run when I never wanted to… A-And it’s m-mostly because of you that I can run now, that I got stronger instead of w-wasted away back home… Linda had a friend with you—no, you are—w-were more than her friend, more than our friend… I j-just…” He couldn’t catch his breath, was he having another attack? He hadn’t had one in four years, but maybe… Or maybe he was just crying too much. He couldn’t remember ever crying that much before.

    “Arc, arcanine,” Koko whimpered. He wiped his eyes on his jacket and rested his head on the bed. Despite the circumstances, she still felt a little warm, or maybe it was just his imagination going wild. Either way, he knew something for certain: He didn’t want her to stop being warm, for her body to go cold and stiff from death. But if the pokémon center couldn’t save her, who was to say that he could?

    “Mew,” he called. “Mew!”

    Melchior! She looked like a pikachu still as she appeared on the floor, then as she glanced up and down the hall, she returned to her normal form. You’re crying, she noted with some distress, flying closer. He pushed her away self-consciously.

    “That’s not the problem here. Can’t you help her?”

    Not as I am, Mew admitted, rubbing her head. Mel noticed for the first time that she, like him, was injured, with thick bandages wrapping around her small skull. I was concussed when the Lucario struck me in the head. If I was to use fire in this condition, it would just burn me instead, and I don’t have the concentration necessary to heal her injuries.

    “Damn it,” he muttered, rubbing his chest as he remembered his own pain courtesy of Aura Sphere. Mew looked at him curiously and, without any warning whatsoever, flew down and wormed up his shirt. “H-H-Hey, quit it!” he cried as she wiggled around under there. After a moment, her head popped out alongside his.

    You’ve sustained a lot of damage too, she noted. You took an Aura Sphere directly, didn’t you?

    “Well, yes, but it doesn’t hurt that much anymore.”

    Because the energy damages nerves. Just because you’re not feeling pain doesn’t mean you’re not hurt. You shouldn’t be up and around as you are—your body needs time to heal.

    “Says you.”

    I’m going to heal faster in the end. You, on the other hand, have a weaker constitution.

    Was I just called “weak” by a fetus? he thought sourly. She glowered at that but didn’t respond. “But we don’t have time for that, do we? Because the longer we lay around here and do psyduck-all, the higher the chance of more anomalies appearing.”

    Still, you’re not going to be much help as you are, she said, and neither will Linda. She left his shirt and sat next to Koko, whose chest was barely moving from shallow breaths. And without her, you’re down to just one pokémon.

    “You can’t summon any legendaries to help?” he said, hating how he was practically begging. She hesitated.

    I… Maybe, Mew admitted. I could put out a call of sorts, but—

    “Do it.”

    Melchior, they might not be—

    “Do it!” he repeated, louder. Mew’s eyes narrowed slightly a second before his throat tightened. He froze, thinking it was an attack, then he realized something external was stopping him from breathing.

    It’s almost certain that if a legendary pokémon comes into this world, it won’t be to help, she continued unhindered. Giratina is the main cause with his bad track record, however there are those that naturally despise the underworld. In fact, that is the reason it was so hard to find a pokémon to come resolve the anomalies in the first place: they either hate the world or hate the humans in it. They’re too cynical to do you three any sort of goodwill favor.

    “—But,” he gasped as he could breathe again, rubbing his throat. “You’re talking about a majority. A minority has to exist—you’re proof of that much, right?”

    A minority is referred to as such for a reason, you know. And even if I did find one of my friends, I myself am unable to create portals.

    “Really? Even you?” She started to speak but hesitated.

    It would be a gambit, she said after a moment. I can make a portal by discharging energy into the atmosphere, but there is no guarantee that the one who comes through will be friendly.

    “Then again, do we have anything left to lose? The cost’s the same whether we act or sit here.” Our whole lives have become a big game of “roll the dice,” he thought. How bad have things really gotten that we can put everything on one stupid chance occurrence?

    I don’t think the problem lies in your life itself, Mew said pensively. More because the circumstances around you have changed. And… He felt a little tingle like an itch on the back of his head as Mew hummed. You wanted the risks of a journey, didn’t you? What’s the problem now?

    “I didn’t consider all this sci-fi muk as part of the package!”

    A journey isn’t such without adventure, and adventure isn’t such without life perils, love and loss and the change that comes with it! She flew a loop-de-loop with a sudden excitement, eyes wide. That’s—excuse me for interjecting my opinion, but I think that to be the best part of being human: you can go and travel and experience and live as you please! Us, we’re confined to our worlds with few able to traverse up and down Yggdrasil, and the legendaries are not the most…amicable company, especially after some centuries spent together.

    He’s never thought of it that way, but still, things seem to tip in Mew’s favor. “Well? Are you up for it?”

    I… I’ll try, she said reluctantly, slumping. Mel realized after a moment that she wasn’t just slumping but falling from the air entirely. He reached out and caught her before she hit the ground. Tired, she breathed, blinking rapidly. She was so small and light, reminding him of how physically inept Mew really was.

    “…I’m tired too,” he admitted shortly. “…Been a long day. Both of us can use some rest, huh? Or I should say the three of us,” he added, glancing at Koko. “Or…the four of us. There’s a lot of us.”


    “This is like the calm before the storm,” he muttered, staring at Mew. She mumbled something under her breath before taking the form of a pikachu again. “Tomorrow, we either get an ally, or we all die. It’s funny in a grave sort of way.” He scooted back to rest his head against the mattress, and Koko curled her body around him, giving off the bit of warmth she still had.

    Do you regret leaving home, Melchior? she asked softly. He let out a breath.

    “I hate that name, you know… But yes, I do, and every second I see our situation get worse I regret it even more.”

    Mel, you shouldn’t hate yourself over this, Mew muttered. You were the driving force here, but maybe it would’ve been your sister in five years. I believe that the world functions upon certainty, and so while you were the cause now, anything would have caused it after any given amount of time. …Mel?

    “I like that logic,” he said with a short breath and a wry smile. “I really do.”
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