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    3.5. fear and love and loathing.
    part v

    ???’s p.o.v.

    The light was blinding and all-consuming only for a moment. When it subsided, all had changed.

    What’s happened? Where am I now?

    Green eyes blinked into another grand source of light—the sun. Scanning the area provided the sights of a frail-looking human girl and—oh, wow—and of Mew, who was hovering several feet from the frost-powdered ground and glaring with clenched paws.

    “Of all the pokémon to appear,” it said in a low voice. Its eyes, normally round and bright and full of wonder, were narrowed to chips of azure.

    A quirk of lips, real tangible lips, as those green eyes acknowledged small and pale hands that clasped and unclasped on command. Then a sharp chin was thrown back to let loose an even sharper laugh.

    “Mel!” the girl cried. With a swipe of those hands that move on command, she was flat on her back in the snow, eyes dazed. Ah, snow—it wasn’t good for grass-types, let alone flying/grass-types, but it was manageable nonetheless. After all, it was not too often that portals were opened into somewhere other than that blasted Distortion World. Mew’s paws shook as its tail batted and lashed and churned the psychic energy around it. Meanwhile, those borrowed green eyes of “Mel” never lost their edge.

    It seems I’m in the underworld. And if I recall correctly, Giratina is here too.

    this should be fun.

    author's note
    there will be a sequel
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