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    Well I have this storyline going on right now in my head and I want to know if it sounds alright~
    The main character starts of in the town of Fyre watching a news report in his/her house/bedroom. On the news is a report of strange weather events.And this is due (although it's not known yet) to one of six dragon-legendaries dissapearing causing the disruption in that part of the region's weather. The cause of the disappearance is due to this group called The Arcane Knights going around trying to capture all six of these dragons and use their power to take over the Earth.
    Instead of Fighting Gym leaders you defeat the Six elite Knights of the Group to get 1/6 of a locator (not sure how to go about doing that, maybe the sixth Elite Knight just gives a map instead) to get to the location of the Main Knight leader.

    This all takes place in the region of Holon, a region consisting of 7 large islands (3-4 towns each) and 11 smaller islands (0-2 towns). Anyways, I need help expanding/working on it.