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    I'm pursuing my latest storyline:

    (This is during the same as the events of G/S/C)

    November 1996
    There I was with my Father on Route 22. We had a huge argument about Team Rocket. It was one of the biggest fights of my life! Eventually he took off. Oh well, he's a damned man anyways.
    As I walked away, a boy wearing bright yellow and black clothes bumped into me. He gave me a dirty look.

    November 1999
    It's been 3 years and I still haven't seen my Dad. Oh well, who needs him. I travelled to Johto to escape the wretched area where I lost my Father the the clutches of Evil.

    I'm staring through the Window of Elm Labs as I'm writing this...
    A guy wearing Gold clothes approached me. I told him what I was doing was none of his business (I like to keep my Journal personal...).

    Proffesor Elm, his assistant and the boy I shall call "Gold" left. I hear a loud crash inside, and a Pokemon runs happily outside. It sees me and attempts to start playing with me.I see the Pokeball it was in is broken! I run to find Professor Elm to return the Pokemon. I bump into Gold again on the way, and I'm accused of stealing to Pokemon! What an ungrateful jerk, I loose the desire to return the Pokemon...

    Incase your wondering, the story is basically Pokemon GSC from Silvers perspective. It's trying to say that Silver isn't the Character he's portrayed as, but rather that it's just from Gold's view that he's some mean power craving jerk.

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