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I dunno if this has been suggested or not, but here's my idea. I'll probably regret giving out my idea later, but realistically it's unlikely I'll ever hack.

Pokemon TrueBlue

Basically, this whole hack revolves around Trainers Red and Blue switching roles: you now play as Blue, and Red becomes your rival, which would then mean that you could for once have the advantage with the starter. I thought that this hack would make Blue a lot more noble (even if he's still just as arrogant) than we give him credit for. On the other hand, Red is somewhat quiet, but in an "I'm-better-than-you" way, only sharing snide remarks. Why are there only 5 or so Rocket Grunts in Mt. Moon? Because Blue, who came before, cleared it out already! When Blue came through, it was a full-fledged Rocket mining operation, and he managed to remove most of them.

Although, it wouldn't make sense for Blue to ever defeat Giovanni, because if he did, Red wouldn't need to ever be involved. So an alternate, high-end Rocket would be needed to intervene: I was thinking Silver (who would be 7 in this storyline?), a rambunctious little brat who can't stand the patheticness of Team Rocket for being thwarted by kids only a little older than he is. Being too young, he gets most of his Pokemon from daddy. He could even have Johto Pokemon, maybe.

The way Blue goes throughout Kanto could also be rearranged: he could probably get the Silph Scope from the Rocket on Nugget Bridge, then be required to go through Lavender Tower before Celadon and whatnot. Then, when it comes to the Pokemon League, you (hopefully) defeat Red, but Prof. Oak, being the senile old man he is, signs up Red into the "Hall of Fame," while the REAL Pokemon League Coordinator comes to register you into the proper Hall of Fame.

Afterwards, you then become the Gym Leader, unlocking several high-end trainers to fight anytime for your pleasure, including trainers Gold and Silver (back for a rematch!).

Probably not very original, but that's something I wish I could do, and maybe someone else could use it for better purposes.
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