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    Hello! I'm still a little confused with the installation process... EDIT: Keep in mind, my project is still on Essentials 16.2, and I'm using that as a testbench for scripts to use in my project.

    I've tried inserting the code in different places and tried doing the fixes you used in the past, but I still can't get the graphics, nor even the text that's trying to be written to the screen, to appear.

    My def DrawPageTwo in my Essentials Testbench looks exactly as Keileon's does in the pastebin link he posted (save for the fact that it was after the prompt fix you made), and the picture is in the exact right place. I still can't get anything to appear, and was wondering if you could offer some assistance.

    Thanks in advance! Also going to be in the process of testing the Legendary Egg Groups script you made as well, shameless plug. :)
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