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Originally Posted by shubshub View Post
@Hiroshi I Just Noticed you Live in Australia
We Have the Same Region 3DS (That is if you have a 3DS?)
I have a 3DS - it's not the same region.

Originally Posted by Keiran777 View Post
Making a game and pigeonholing the enormous fan base into buying a handheld (that gives almost no benefit from its predecessor) would never go over well. It wouldn't make much sense from a developmental or business viewpoint. Before BW2 was even released internationally, it had sold about 80% of what the top 3DS game sold worldwide in Japan alone.
Originally Posted by Sudeki View Post
They would lose a lot more sales if they made it a 3DS exclusive, you can still play a regular DS game on a 3DS, but not the other way around. Not to mention that would mean they could not recycle most of the original b/w. The only reason they would of made it a 3DS game and not just a DS game that can be run on any DS system is if they needed to push more sales for the 3DS.
I disagree to these points. The 3DS is the current generation handheld system, so of course Nintendo would be pushing for games to be developed on it. Given the steady rise in sales of 3DS consoles, Pokémon could definitely give the 3DS some extra (and at the time of Japanese release, needed) sales momentum.

Given the sales rate of Animal Crossing, there's no better time to get to releasing a Pokémon game to ride the 3DS sales momentum. And really? People who want Pokémon and don't have a 3DS? They'll get one. As we type messages back and forth, the folks at GameFreak are inevitably midway in the development of a 3DS Pokémon title. Obviously it wasn't going to be Black 2 and White 2.
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