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    For me its a close runner between May and Dawn. I like both their personalities and their poke-contests helped add something extra to the story so it wasn't just be-lining from gym to gym.

    I think on a character alone aspect May probably wins out because of a mix of her affection when it comes to protecting Max and the character development between a girl who couldnt even stand pokemon to a skilled coordinator finally ready to go things alone.

    On the other hand when it comes to all together contribution to the story and entertainment i think it comes down to Dawn and her Pokemon. All her Pokemon had unique personalities that i liked (piplup being one of my favourite pokemon characters along with zorua :D) and i think she went well with Ash.

    Iris just annoys me and im constantly forgetting her name. She doesnt really seem to contribute much apart from some decent one-liners against Georgia. Her whole "such a kid" thing just irritates me.

    Misty...well i cant really give a good answer here. Its been so long since we have even seen Misty. Though again she didnt really contribute much except for shutting Brock up and making me sad when she made her debut with togepi.