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    Originally Posted by Scarf View Post
    Inside my own head every little mistake I make is a huge error that brings shame upon me and 12 generations of my descendents. I get embarrassed easily when I mess anything up or, worse, say something that upsets someone.

    For example, I had a job interview a few weeks ago and at one point I kind of babbled a bit because my answer to a question they asked was really short and I felt like I needed to say more without really thinking. I'm still mortified by it.
    I share the exact same sort of self-consciousness. Even here on the forums, if I say one little thing I feel would have been better left unsaid I feel like my entire social life has collapsed and I want to bury myself in a hole feeling I'd be better off without friends. When it comes to my outlook on me, I can be very irrational. I can't think of a specific situation that stands out, I just know I don't allow myself to make mistakes, big or small. But I'm always quick to forgive others for theirs.
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