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Finish later
Name: David Wilson
Nickname: Dave
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Height: 5"1
Weight: 75lbs.

Branch of Sin: From his finger tips David sends out thin strands of blood, that are extremely strong (due to density). They are strong enough to be able to lift him up, and can be used as a whip, restraining force, or to manipulate objects from afar. (Example: He can capture a mouse, then use his BoS to control its appendages like a puppet. Or he can pull his hands apart to, uh, make two mice.) 5BP per finger, totalling 50BP with both hands.

History: David belongs as a single child to two parents. His father owns an antique store, while his mother works as a lawyer. His mother is rarely home, only home late at night (she is the main source of income for the family). His father is always home though, (they live above their shop) and often closes the shop early to get drunk. At home, David is beaten whether his dad is sober or not. He often retreats to his room or prolongs going home entirely, though he can't run away because he can't get a job.

At school David is bullied by most students. His only childhood friend committed suicide after he felt that life was terrible. David is usually alone in most regards, and teachers almost always turn the other way when he is beaten up and teased. His grades were never great, and he wasn't an athlete so nobody felt responsible for him. His mother doesn't really know about what goes on at his school, nobody has ever told her (His dad receives all school calls, and just ignores them).

His best relationship is with his mother, who is generally kind to him. When she was home, his dad wouldn't abuse him, and vaguely, she kind of made the three of them seem like a family. The rather strained life has made him wish to be stronger, so every day he can, he works out with what he has at home and at school. (Can't give much more without giving personality).

Other: He bears a high tolerance for pain, and generally is a tough kid. In terms of strength, he is above average though not by much.

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