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    Originally Posted by Pacifist View Post
    Username: Pacifist
    Favorite Underrated Pokemon: Masquerain
    Why you want to join this club: Because i want to show everyone the hidden potential some pokémon have :3
    Most Used Underrated Pokemon (In your games): Torkoal
    Underrated Partner: Masquerain

    Why you love your favorite underrated Pokemon:
    Masquerain is just so cool, i remember him from the anime just being a boss in the contests, and quiver dance pls my favorite move ever ^_^

    Answer to topic of the week:
    Ariados has such a wide level up movepool and can learn nice mover via TM, breeding and tutoring
    Oh and english isn't my main language so sorry about any mistakes i've made
    Thanks for posting! I really appreciate it! Yes, of course hou have been accepted into the club! THANKS! By the way I totally agree with you about Masquerain :D