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Originally Posted by Kuribute123 View Post
That's my plan, knowing what the correct translation of this game has offered me...
Originally Posted by Yuoaman View Post
Oh god, she's a beverage, you might want to watch out, you never know what'll happen in this strange land of nonsense.
I Never thought of that. (and fix the tag lol)


Episode 2- I Choose You! No! Not Drugs! You!


Ok. We're outside of the World-Class school now. Let's visit it and see if that lady will let me go to the North Pole to start my Dream Job.

You know me? And you're waiting for me. I AM STANDING RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU!

You are making research into one elf? That's rather useless as it seems that there are many different kinds like Pikaqiu.

It will be known for a long time? Sounds better than working for Santa. I want to hear moar.

I Need to take care of an elf? Are Santa's elves put into labor in this world? Nooooooooooooooooo...


Tell Santa I'm quitting.

And as for taking care of this elf, NO.

You keep giving me the same option, yet it's not an issue. I guess I have no choice but to say yes.

There are fans of elf slavery? Eew.

*Wusiji Dr. gets a message*

There is a grandfather elf? How old is he?

You know he has a big discovery, but you're busy and shy and you want a kid that you don't even know that well to go see the Elf Grandfather. You are messed up.

YOU WANT ME TO BREED ELVES. I'm not watching this. I want to go get that important discovery from the Grandfather elf. AND I AM NOT A DUDE, OK.

Wait a minute. I'm not a dude, I'm a chick. I thought I chose Gir... Remember...

I hate you all.


Nah. It might kill me if it gets mad at me.

I don't want it to eat me alive. kthxbai

A grass elf? Sounds snazzy.

I'll pick this one. My Crock senses are tingling.


Thanks for the directions. I don't intend on returning, anyways.

The instructions, yes. This game, that is another story.

Damn you. I don't intend on returning. I don't want it.

Whatever. I won't use it anyways.

Ok. But remember, I'M NOT R-E-T-U-R-N-I-N-G. GET IT? GOT IT? GOOD.

I request myself. Eew.

WHAT IS THIS? I DON'T DO DRUGS! Maybe they were using it earlier and shared some of it with my mother.

What is this? I thought this was an innocent game. I am scarred for life.

NOTE: From here on out in the game, any item that I get will have that text, replacing DRUGS with the item that is obtained.

After some exploration...

This must be what happens when elves fly out of their caocuns. Let's scare them away with Croc. YAY CROC!

Apparently, Croc never scared Lap away, so I had to escape perfectly. Nothing less than perfection is required for an escape, it seems.

I found some more drugs. Maybe Wusiji Dr. has drugs hidden all over the place. Hmm...

I'm sure it is. Nothing happened, yet.

It will fight to be unsick. Ok. Cool beans.

Well, steering clear of caocuns is hard, they are everywhere.

How long will this take? Ah, screw it.

Ooh... I hope there is apples on it...

Well, This doesn't seem like an apple... Hey! Quit humping the bag! We have an adventure to complete!

These town names seem cool. Let us continue to Jiye City, then.

And we end our adventure here for today.

Next episode: Episode 3- To the Elf Grandfather and Beyond!