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Originally Posted by QuilavaKing View Post
I think that's why I have such an easy time posting here vs the Christian Club(which I just tried to find, and I guess it's closed now anyway.)... I just said lolkthxbai and moved on when I read that. Didn't phase me, lol. Although, I am much more down to earth than most Christians I think... when you think about it, the Bible has accomplished three things. Lots of wars, lots of discrimination, and helping people go to heaven... and for someone who doesn't believe in heaven, that's not a very good track record.

That said, it's humans that are actually causing those things, not the bible itself. They just use it as their excuse. I imagine things wouldn't be too different without it. Assuming there would be any things without it in the first place. :P
Human's are causing those things because of the bible though. You can not forget what the past was like, if you didn't believe in god and you said so public, you were more then likely going to end up dead because the bible/religion was the highest power on the planet at the time and disputing anything said in the bible would result in you getting the opportunity to truly see if there was anything about heaven was true (ie you ended up dead).
You can not forget the wars because of religion that have happened in the past or of the massacres of people in the name of God by missionaries etc.

Saying it's not the bible itself is like saying its not a gun killing someone but the person holding the gun, which is true but without the gun perhaps there wouldnt have been that murder and without the bible perhaps there wouldnt have been the millions and millions of causalities in the bibles name/name of god.

I must admit I feel rather uncomfortable just saying the bible because I know its not the only religious scripture in the world and not the only one people have killed for, so me generalising and saying the bible is a bit harsh and I apologize in advance if it offends anyone.