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Originally Posted by FrostPheonix View Post

First point I'd like to make:
Christian would not shoot Satanist on sight. That goes completely against Jesus' teachings.
Secondly, any murders made by Christians based on the Bible are few, compared to how many Christians there are. They are a sadly mislead minority. So there may be less people dead, but not many. you can't really help the fact that these people don't read the Bible properly. The Bible, or religion for that matter, wouldn't have been the direct cause, rather the person who taught them this or their own misinterpretation.

I have exams soon, so I won't be replying much until they are over :( ; like talking to you guys though. Its really thought provoking.

That is completely incorrect. Missionaries did everything for the bible and they killed millions of people.
Not to mention all the other crusades in the bibles name, and all the people put to death because of writing in the bible. Also saying religion does matter is another silly point. There has been plenty of people killed because of their religion by people of other faiths.