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Originally Posted by Katie the Friendly Ghost View Post
I actually just heard someone call them the Genie trio the other day. I can't remember if they were actually referring to these three though. I would assume so since they do look like genies haha.
Yeah, they do have a resemblance to genies, though I think they're actually based on gods. I'm not entirely sure, but I think Kami means God in Japanese, and one thing to back it up with actually comes from the Zelda games. In Wind Waker there were the wind gods, which were frog-like creatures, floating around on clouds, much like the Kami trio is, however since Tornadus is the "Kami of Wind", only he would have any relation to them. But yeah, just my thoughts. I don't know if there's anything official on it, but I just thought it was a fun relation.
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